Maintaining quality through our Audit and Inspection unit

The Audit and Inspection unit comprises two main streams: Construction and Management Systems.

The construction side is heavily focused on installations and installers through inspections, with most of these inspections are carried out daily and take place at end-user sites. They can occur at various stages of the works being undertaken including pre, during and post works.

On the management systems side, there are two aspects. The first supports the product through initial and ongoing quality manufacturing assessments. The second focuses on the business process; through our ISO services (9001, 14001, 18001). This means that we are able to assist in the improvement of service levels, efficiency and risk management for companies. In both streams, the BBA offers business efficiency, branding and most importantly ongoing reassurance of the product or the installation, making sure standards are being met and kept.

As the BBA is a recognised name of quality and integrity within the construction sector, supporting the government is important to us. By being an independent voice, we position ourselves to be heard within various projects and committees and providing surveillance for government-endorsed Competent Persons and Trustmark, and it is vital for the product manufacturers to they keep their BBA certification up to date by demonstrating their continued commitment to quality.

Additionally, our audit and inspection unit helps to provide independence and transparency by ensuring every inspection or audit is reported on and shared directly with the client, including any complaints we have investigated against a certified product or installation raised by an end user. We go further by making sure that any and all corrections are noted and agreed and perform follow-up checks. Further inspections or audits will take place to prove the correction and ensure the continuation of changes.

At all points, we will assess the client and make decisions on client certification/approval and will revoke this if improvements are not seen.

We also encourage whistleblowing within the industry; any whistle-blower who comes to the BBA with any concern is dealt with confidentially and action is taken following an investigation. In many cases, the removal of the BBA certification or approval might be necessary which in turn can affect the viability of a company.

As many of the services offered by the BBA are post installation, we not only incorporate technical installation checks but also allows for input from the final customer, the end user. By completing these inspections, we are able to provide valuable feedback to installer clients, whether positive or negative, to learn from. We partner with many organisations, the larger being Federation of Master Builders, energy companies (EON, British Gas) and Trustmark to ensure that standards are discussed and monitored with the market conditions being assessed for future joint growth.

An inspector looks through a vent

An inspector sits in a car

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