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Stanta Crowley

Executive Summary
Doing things right the first time, reliability and dependability are core values for Stanta. Forming partnerships with each client for each project demonstrates a commitment to providing excellent service.

Stanta’s BBA Agrément Certificate 16/5344 for Stanta Light Steel Frame System (SFS) is considered proof of quality for SFS Infill systems. The annual BBA audits coupled with Stanta’s close control of all aspects of the process from the design, supply, onsite training and installation sign off ensures the product and service is of the highest quality.

About Stanta Crowley
In 2008 Stanta (registered as Stanta Crowley) was purchased from an Irish panelised housing manufacturer that had been pioneering the use of light gauge steel construction since 2000, and the new UK operation was established.

This move saw the beginning of growth in the UK’s SFS infill market and it has now become an industry standard form of envelope substrate. Stanta retained many of the key staff as its UK market share grew and is now seen as one of the go-to contractors for SFS services among main contractors and cladding companies across the industry.

About the Product
Stanta Light Steel Frame System is a light gauge steel, site built solution for use in the construction of substrate infill panels or external façades in multi-storey concrete or steel-framed buildings. A large range of stud sizes are available including 100, 150, 200, 250 & 300mm profiles.

When Stanta first formed, light gauge steel was a very new system of construction and clients needed assurance that it would provide the technically assured and durable building system necessary for their projects.

Companies like Stanta who were at the forefront in establishing SFS as a building system found that independent certification was an essential requirement to satisfy their clients. BBA Agrément Certification proved invaluable.

The Results
Since publication of their Agrément Certificate Stanta have presented it to their clients, consultants and building control inspectors as it assures them of the suitability of the Stanta system for their projects. Enquiries that previously would have taken a great deal of time can now be satisfied with one quick submission of the BBA Certificate.

Today Stanta remains one of the few companies in the UK to benefit from holding a BBA Agrément Certificate for SFS systems and it sets them apart from new companies entering the SFS market.

Working with the BBA
BBA Agrément Certificate 16/5344 was the renewal of an existing Certificate. For Stanta, however, it was like starting the Certification process from the beginning because previous processes, standards and requirements had all changed and Stanta’s documentation and audit process required reviewing from a new perspective.

BBA staff guided Stanta through the different stages of the audit and prepared a real time program to map out the stages ensuring all critical milestones were met.

How Agrément Certification has helped
Having BBA certification has helped Stanta provide assurance and gain acceptance of their SFS system to their clients. In a market where most large projects now have teams of consultants and experts always trying to question every scope item used, the BBA certificate receives acceptance immediately every time. Stanta believe that all product suppliers to the construction industry should have some form of independent certification like the BBA to verify that their product or service is up to the required standards and meets expectations. Stuart Fitzgerald, Technical Sales Manager of Stanta, commented:

“The BBA is the standard bearer for independent technical assessment for construction products in the UK market.

Stanta are proud to continue to work with the BBA maintaining high standards of certification for our SFS Infill system.”

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