Combustible products – Important notice

In line with the amended Building Regulation 7(2) for England, our Certificates which apply to products relating to the external wall of a building are being reviewed. Those that do not achieve at least an A2-s1, d0 rating to EN 13501-1: 2007 + A1: 2009 will no longer be eligible for use in high-rise buildings which contain one or more dwellings; an institution; or a room for residential purposes (excluding any room in a hostel, hotel or boarding house), student accommodation, care homes, sheltered housing, hospitals and dormitories in boarding schools, with a storey at least 18m above ground level in England as of 21st December 2018.

This amendment does not apply where a building notice or initial notice has been given to, or full plans deposited with, a local authority before 21st December 2018 but only if the building work has already started or starts within two months of that date.

It should also be noted that the amended Regulation 7(2) explicitly cites the current version of BS EN 13501-1 and the amendments to section 12.10 of Approved Document B Volume 2 do not appear to allow any alternative reaction to fire classification method.

Affected Certificates will be updated as soon as possible but for now are identified via an announcement alongside their entry on the BBA website. Users of the Certificate should read them in conjunction with this statement and the contents of Regulation 7(2) and the associated amendments to Approved Document B Volume 2 which take precedence over the existing wording of the Certificate.

For more information on this please contact BBA Client Services on 01923 665300