[VIDEO] RCI CPD: The Assessment of Durability, With Reference to Roof Waterproofing

Dr Mike Wiseman, Team Manager for Construction Products at the BBA presented a CPD presentation at the recently concluded Roofing, Cladding and Insulation (RCI) 2019 show.

His CPD which focused on “The Assessment of Durability, With Reference to Roof Waterproofing” was done to give insight to architects, specifiers, contractors and installers on the durability of roofing waterproof systems and the criteria for the assessment programmes.

During the CPD, he examined the testing programmes which determine the durability length and how this is affected by the type of roofing the material used such as Bitumen, Polymeric and Liquid-applied, and explored how onsite assessments for aged roofing installations should be conducted and how, depending on the material used, the assessment timeframe and requirements differed.

Watch the full presentation below or download the presentation for your continued learning.