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Ali-Fabs by Guttercrest

Product: Ali-fabs Architectural Coping

Ali-Fabs Aluminium Architectural Coping is the only BBA-approved coping system in the UK. Formerly made by ABP but under the ownership of Guttercrest since 2017, the coping has been BBA Certified specifically for its use on commercial, residential, industrial and public buildings all around the UK.

As the Ali-Fabs Architectural Coping had enjoyed a significantly improved reputation by being BBA Certified, naturally Guttercrest wanted the product to continue to have the same advantages under their ownership.

The Challenge

To achieve this, they needed to renew the BBA Certification for the product to show that the same high standards were continuing to be met as part of the Guttercrest group.

The Architectural Coping System has had thorough durability and weather resistance testing to establish how many years under normal weather circumstances the coping system would continue to function satisfactorily.

“Working with the BBA was very straightforward. They laid out the process we would need to go through from the beginning and worked with us to achieve each step.” Gary Power, Managing Director of Guttercrest.

The Tests

Tests were carried out and data assessed to determine the product’s resistance to wind uplift and water penetration at its joints. These were to ensure that the walls would be able to withstand the effects of sometimes extreme weather conditions over time, thus preventing damage to the property.

The durability of aluminium means it can be used in a number of applications, which can expose it to extreme environments. To maximise strength, it is alloyed with other elements and tests were undertaken to establish the durability and compatibility of these alloys to make sure they were correct and continued to uphold.

Tests were also undertaken to confirm the overall practicability of the installation so that this could be recorded, ensuring there would be no problems during the product’s installation.

The Result

For Guttercrest, keeping their newly acquired Ali-Fabs Architectural Coping product on the market with renewed BBA Certification meant it could continue to enjoy its reputation as a high-quality product, independently tested to be safe and fit-for-purpose.

Gary Power added:

“Retaining BBA Certification means that we continue to be recognised throughout the construction industry; it’s a symbol of quality and reassurance that holds a lot of synergy with our own brand reputation. It is a vital ingredient for product manufacturers to help ensure acceptance with specifiers and Building Control.”

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