Warranty Providers demand proof of extended durability

What this means for manufacturers of composite panel products

In the last few months Warranty Providers have begun demanding proof of extended durability to be demonstrated for composite panel products comprising, for example, brick slips adhesively fixed to the external face. This is because these products are now considered to perform a structural function within the building envelope rather than a purely decorative one.

This new instruction means that manufacturers will see a dramatic reduction in the number of products being specified as a result of increased building warranty risk which specifiers will be looking to avoid. Therefore, it is critical for both the manufacturers of these systems and the wider industry that a route to compliance is made available. Which is why the BBA has developed a new testing service called “Extended Life”.

Extended Life” is a testing process that gives product manufacturers the ability to showcase the durability of their composite panel products with a view to demonstrating the expected working life specified by Warranty Providers.

Through a combination of system data assessment, environmental and structural testing and test data interpretation, Extended Life offers a viable solution to the problem set out by Warranty Providers and will help ensure that the manufacturer’s products will continue to be specified and accepted by the market.

To find out more about the Extended Life service and how we can help you achieve compliance please contact Test Services.