UKAS-Accreditation exclusive to the BBA

BBA leads the way as the only UKAS Accredited testing facility in the UK for Thermal conductivity measurement – BS EN 1606:2013, Bond strength (T peel) – BS EN ISO 11339:2010 and many more

As the UK’s leading product certification body, the BBA has helped to create many of the test and assessment processes for new and innovative products and systems within the building and construction industry for over fifty years. However, did you know that our testing facilities are the only UKAS-Accredited Laboratory (No 0357) for some essential product assessment tests in the UK?

BBA Test Services is the only UKAS Accredited testing laboratory to provide the following tests:

Homogeneous and Inhomogeneous Materials

Thermal conductivity measurement – ASTM C518-15

Solar Panel Systems

Resistance to wind uplift – MCS 012:2018 and BS EN 14437:2004
Weathertightness – MCS 012:2018

Rigid Plastics

Compressive strength – BS EN ISO 844:2014


Bond strength (T peel) – BS EN ISO 11339:2010

Thermal insulating products for building applications

Determination of thickness – BS EN 823:2013
Determination of flatness – BS EN 825:2013
Determination of compression behaviour – BS EN 826:2013
Determination of compressive creep – BS EN 1606:2013
Determination of short-term water absorption by partial immersion – BS EN 1609:2013 Method A
Determination of long-term water absorption by immersion – BS EN 12087:2013 Methods 1A and 2A
Determination of long-term water absorption by diffusion – BS EN 12088:2013

Cavity walls filled with thermal insulation materials

Water resistance – Water Resistance Detailed Operating Procedure

Door Assemblies

Thermal cyclic test – BS 8529:2017 (Annex B)

Independent assessments of new products often need to go beyond simply meeting mandatory requirements. When sourcing tests it is advisable that manufacturers look for a UKAS-Accredited provider to ensure the laboratory has demonstrated the appropriate technical competence and integrity; this adds so much support to a product’s visibility on the market.

Along with UKAS Accreditation, BBA Certification gives manufacturers the best possible advantage when taking products to market with full confidence and peace of mind.

If you’d like to know more, contact our expert Test Services team to see how they can assist you.