BBA offers Warranty Providers solution to extended durability

for construction products and systems in the building envelope

Durability is a critical concern when considering construction products and systems used within the building envelope for structural or waterproofing purposes.

With the increasing pace of product development from manufacturers, new systems are continually being introduced to the market and need to be assessed for durability.

To give Warranty Providers the assurance they need, the BBA has developed a new testing service called “Extended Life”.

“Extended Life” is a testing process that provides manufacturers with the ability to prove the durability of their products with a view to demonstrating expected working life for a specified period.

Through a combination of system data assessment, environmental and structural testing and test data interpretation, Extended Life is a viable solution to meeting warranty/insurance requirements.

Warranty Providers can benefit from advising their clients of this service and being associated with the BBA as we set the standard for excellence in construction products and systems. We also offer technical expertise, are independent with an unrivalled track record and offer more than certification through our audit and inspection and test services.

To find out more about the Extended Life service and how we can help your clients achieve compliance please contact Test Services.