Case Study

Derbyshire Contracting Services

Product: BBA ISO 9001

Established in 1998, Derbyshire Contracting Services (DCS) is a family run business specialising in groundwork, tarmac and paving. As a nationwide business with over 35 years’ experience within the construction industry, DCS has worked with small and large multi-million-pound companies on a wide range of projects including stormwater attenuation systems, tarmacking surfaces and concrete works for retaining structures and walls.

DCS make continuous efforts to surpass all statutory requirements for Health, Safety and Environmental performance and embed this within their company by reducing their carbon footprint and driving their employee ethos of professionalism, respect, originality, mentoring, obliging, trustworthy and expertise (PROMOTE).

The Challenge

For many years the DCS brand has enjoyed a reputation for demonstrating integrity and quality within their services, which has allowed them to achieve steady growth, becoming a three-million-pound company. Although this growth has been promising, it has relied heavily on a few key companies.

To diversify their current base, DCS began to review other opportunities but found that many requested ISO 9001 accreditation.

Although DCS found that they satisfied a lot of the criteria for ISO 9001, they knew this wouldn’t be enough without becoming certified.

To achieve the certification, DCS approached the BBA to support them throughout this process.

The Process

ISO 9001: Quality Management Systems (QMS), is an internationally recognised standard aimed at helping businesses from any industry or sector demonstrate a commitment to quality and excellence in customer service.

Through ISO 9001, organisations can ultimately streamline their internal process, reducing in time and costs while showcasing their commitment to quality through a repeatable and consistent operation. This is also becoming more and more politically prevalent.

The standard required DCS to understand the needs and expectations of interested parties, such as their clients, and how their system interacted with each of them, meaning that DCS had first to review them and document their processes as required.

After, they were able to streamline their business model, make critical adjustments to improve the quality of their output and keep their procedures organised.

As one of the fundamental changes from the 2015 version of ISO 9001 was the need of top-management to provide ownership of their quality management system, DCS recognised that both business partners needed to own the quality policy and understand how the policies and procedures interacted with the actual processes. By having this understanding, it allowed DCS to write their procedures and policies, better reflecting their business and outputs.

The Result

By working with the BBA, DCS received a personalised service that entailed the visit of a qualified auditor to review all process, procedures to documentation and determine if they met the standards criteria for ISO 9001.

As part of the BBA’s audit, DCS needed to demonstrate that there was a precise sequence and interaction between the documented process in the quality management system and the actual procedures.

They also needed to ensure that the policies and procedures documented met the IS0 9001 criteria, and they had allocated adequate resources to maintain the standards internally.

Jill Butler, Office Manager of DCS, noted that; “Karen (BBA Auditor) was very detailed and thorough throughout the audit. She investigated many of our processes and paperwork to ensure that not only did they meet the ISO standard but that we also followed them internally.”

Jill added that “we found the BBA to be very organised – detailed in the audit while being both firm but very accommodating.”

Once satisfied that DCS had fulfilled the ISO 9001 criteria, and were committed to quality throughout the business, the BBA had the pleasure of certificating them to ISO 9001.

DCS is now starting certification with the BBA for ISO 14001:2015 Environmental Management system.

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