BBA’s Jon Denyer re-appointed Chair of key BSI thermal performance committee

British Board of Agrément Principal Scientist Jon Denyer has been re-appointed Chairman of B/540, a key BSI committee dealing with the energy performance of materials components and buildings.

Jon’s three year tenure as chair will see him continue to help establish committee agreement on standardisation issues, in particular ensuring the UK’s stance on European and international standards remains well-represented and close relationships with the European Committee for Standardisation (CEN) and International Organisation for Standardisation (ISO) are maintained.

Jon said: “B/540 is the key committee for the UK’s national and international input into standardisation of thermal performance in the construction industry and a significant responsibility. I look forward to continuing my work in this role and enjoying the ongoing support of committee colleagues who contribute their time and expertise to the vital role of standardisation in this field.”

His appointment was announced by Scott Steedman, BSI Director of Standards, who described committee chairs as undertaking ‘an important function’ on behalf of the UK National Standards Body.

Of particular interest, a sub-committee of B/540 which Jon also Chairs, is progressing a major update of BS 5250, Code of practice for control of condensation in buildings, increasing its scope to include moisture risk from sources other than just condensation and a more holistic approach to properties (particularly those undergoing energy efficiency measures) rather than an elemental approach.

Jon’s career at the BBA spans more than 34 years and includes helping develop the organisation’s guarded hot boxes and plates for measuring thermal performance of insulation products and systems, leading a team focused on building physics support with emphasis on thermal and hygrothermal performance and being part of the BBA’s Technical Excellence Team, ensuring technical robustness across the business. He has also been active in standardisation activities with BSI, UEAtc and EOTA and worked with national standardisation committees and European working groups focused on the thermal performance sector.

Jon’s long experience has concentrated on supporting building physics aspects of BBA Agrément Certification work, particularly in relation to thermal performance of construction products and systems. This requires an in-depth knowledge of statutory building regulations, associated guidance documents and the numerous product, design and calculation standards and other documents used in demonstrating compliance with regulatory guidance documents. It also requires great care in keeping up with and influencing, or accommodating, the development of these resources. The thermal performance of construction products and systems continues to play a major role in reducing energy consumption and carbon emissions and minimising the effects of global warming.

Commenting on his appointment, BBA Head of Marketing Wendy Ajuwon said: “Jon’s re-appointment is testimony to his in-depth knowledge and understanding of the sector and his passion for it. We are delighted for him and will continue to support his work in this field.”