Case Study

ERG Bieruń-Folie Sp. zoo

The Background

For over 50 years, ERG Bierun-Folie has been leading the polyethylene product manufacturing in Poland, producing films for packaging, building & construction, forestry and agriculture. With a driven focus to continuously delight their customers, long-term, loyal customer relationships are testament to the organisation’s success and continuous efforts to improve and do better. ERG Bierun-Folie were keen to develop the success of their Lignofol Damp Proof Membrane in the English, Irish, Scottish and Welsh markets and required testing and certification by the BBA to provide assurance and confidence in the quality of their product within the market.

The Challenge

As with many manufacturers and installers who do not have the necessary certification or accreditation, ERG Bierun-Folie found it challenging to bring a product to the British Construction market without obtaining the necessary certification; particularly if that product is relatively unknown, with potential customers feeling apprehensive about un-certified products.

The Approach

Taking the time upfront to understand the assessment and testing procedures carefully, ERG Bierun-Folie worked in collaboration with the BBA to facilitate the testing of their product’s quality and durability, specifically based around the product’s thickness, width, mass per unit area, tensile strength, elongation, water vapour resistance, water-tightness and nail tear.

As part of the certification process, key factors were assessed by the BBA testing team, this included a focus on; resistance to water and water vapour, how well the membranes, including joints, resisted the passage of moisture into structures, the product’s resistance to punctures, and to determine that the membranes have a high resistance to puncture on a smooth or blinded surface, and the product’s durability to ensure the membranes provide an effective barrier against the transmission of moisture for the life of the structure in which they are incorporated.

The Results

ERG Bierun-Folie were successfully awarded their Agrément Certificate for the LIGNOFOL 250, 300, and 500 damp-proof membranes in January 2019. ERG Bierun-Folie accredited their experience of the testing and certification process as follows: “The process of obtaining the BBA certificate was clear and understandable from the very beginning. We were informed about the order of activities that would follow during the whole process, which resulted in our awareness of issues already completed and those that required action. The most positive experience we had during the process was the cooperation with BBA’s specialists, not only those working in the headquarters but also the auditor we were pleased to meet while visiting our company. We would recommend the BBA as a professional solution, an abundance of experience in product certification and a high standard of cooperation throughout the process.”

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