Case Study

ISO-Chemie GmbH

The Background

ISO-Chemie turns foam ideas into innovation. Head-Quartered in Germany, ISO-Chemie works with customers all over the world who are looking for innovative solutions that deliver sustainable alternatives to building sealants, vibration and noise insulation in vehicles, swimming aids in water sport and for packaging and transporting high-quality goods and devices. ISO-Chemie was ready to launch their ISO-BLOCO ONE product, a thermal and sound reduction window sealant, to the UK market and required certification that would give specifiers assurance that the product complied to building regulations, air-tightness and weather resistance in a single application.

The Challenge

A tightening up of building regulations and the specification of quality products being used in the market had meant that producers of construction products had to secure confidence in their product, so that specifiers would know that the solution was up to the task. The ISO-BLOCO ONE product required testing and certification to confirm that it was able to perform the function that had previously been performed by a combination of products, while ensuring that the quality of the product delivered what it claimed to.

The Approach

ISO-Chemie were not new to the BBA process, having worked in partnership with the BBA on several other products already in production and circulation. The organisation had also conducted a number of additional tests with Germany-based IFT Rosenheim, which met the BBA’s testing laboratory requirements in order to be used as part of the product certification process with the BBA. This ultimately helped to reduce testing times, ensure efficient sharing of information and critical documentation and enabled a collaborative approach to deliver the results that ISO-Chemie was after.

The Results

The BBA successfully tested the ISO-BLOCO ONE solution for its weathertightness and confirmed, through the certification process, that the product will resist the passage of wind-driven rain, snow, run-off water and dust into the interior of the building. Testing also assessed the durability of the products, confirming they have an anticipated service life of at least 10 years. The Agrément Certificate (20/5721) was successfully issued in February 2020. “We chose to work with the BBA because it is the premium, recognised certification body in UK construction that is accepted without question. The BBA team were professional and kept me updated throughout the process,” says Andrew Swift of ISO-Chemie.

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