Case Study

West Siphonics Systems Ltd

The Background

West Siphonics are siphonic roof drainage specialists providing a one-stop solution for design, manufacture, installation and project management of advanced siphonic roof drainage systems that cater for today’s changing climate. As part of an ongoing directive to continuously improve products and procedures, West Siphonics wanted to raise their own business profile and continue building confidence in their products by having BBA certification.

The Opportunity

To facilitate the certification process, West Siphonics had some of their required testing carried out by a third-party laboratory and by working in partnership with the BBA we ensured that rigorous testing was carried out to meet the BBA certification requirements. West Siphonics was on a course for growth and felt that by achieving BBA Certification their product range would have the opportunity for even more exposure and acceptance. Through their association with the BBA, West Siphonics market position would be strengthened, providing their clients with the confidence that their products and systems are designed, manufactured and installed to the highest standards.

The Results

The BBA successfully awarded an Agrément Certificate 19/5683 to West Siphonics in August 2019 having assessed and confirmed that the HydroStorm design software allows the system to be designed in deal with the anticipated rainfall taken into consideration. Focusing particularly on the performance of the roof outlets running at normal and peak rainfall to ensure the system can function as intended. In addition to this, they ensure that the roof outlets have sufficient strength to resist the loads that may reasonably be expected to occur during installation and service, with a service life of at least 40 years.

Zac McCormick of West Siphonics accredited the BBA in helping the business achieve their business goals by saying, “At West Siphonics we are continuously trying to improve our products and procedures. Gaining BBA certification is a huge step in the right direction. We strive for excellence and are constantly seeking to improve as a subcontractor through innovation, quality and performance. We feel our association with the BBA strengthens our position within the market and gives our clients confidence that our products and systems are designed, manufactured and installed to the highest standards.

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