Case Study

Giromax Technology brings you Girosil Advanced Coating

Client name: Giromax Technology Ltd
Location: Leicestershire, United Kingdom
Product: GIROSIL

40 years of experience is what Giromax offers to the steel roof refurbishment industry

The new GIROSIL product is a next-generation coating that delivers benefits that supersede previous older silicone systems through the adoption of more advanced technology.

GIROSIL is a liquid-applied protective coating for existing steel and asbestos roofing, providing complete protection against corrosion and further deterioration.

Giromax Technology have been developing Girosil over the past three years to overcome the significant limitations of the silicone system that were unable to be resolved by its manufacturer.

The product is now available to all their contractors and is manufactured in the UK and backed up by their own chemists.

Giromax feels that they have addressed all the problems that could not be solved with the silicone system and have now got a product that can;

  • Be applied in a one coat application reducing on site costs
  • Is moisture tolerant and can be applied to a damp surface
  • Can be sprayed straight from the tin
  • Can resist bird attack
  • Is self cleaning and does not discolour
  • Comes with a 20 year guarantee

All the above improvements have now been recognised by the governing industry body

The Results

The product was assessed for its protection from corrosion, encapsulation, adhesion, resistances to mechanical damage and its durability; resulting in the BBA acknowledging that the system would provide a durable protective coating with a service life in excess of 20 years. As a result of this successful assessment, the GIROMAX products were successfully certified under the BBA certificate 20/5772.

Chris Brandrick; Giromax Technology Technical Director stated, “The BBA helped us recognise the demands that would be placed on, and asked of, the product. BBA accreditation supports the product capability and provides assurance that it can be confidently specified”.

For more information:

Telephone: 01455 558969