Brexit, UKCA Marking and the BBA:
What You Need to Know

The latest updates and frequently asked questions around the hot topic of Brexit and the BBA

If you are a manufacturer or distributor based in the UK or situated in the EU and need to know more about how Brexit may impact on what the BBA do, this page is dedicated to answering the most topical questions on this subject.

Note: All answers are correct as of 18th January 2021.

Frequently Asked Questions

Will the BBA keep the same notified body number?

Yes. The BBA will keep the same notified body number but with an additional prefix ie: UK 0836.

Does the BBA have adequate capacity to deal with the volume of correspondence plan for the execution of data transfers to EU partners?

Yes. The BBA is working hard to make sure all of its clients are properly informed and serviced to conform with transitional dates and deadlines by having the adequate capacity, knowledge and understanding into this topic.

My Agrément (including HAPAS) product requires CE Marking / UKCA Marking – where can I sell it?

To sell on the EU market, you will need to continue to CE Mark your product.

To sell on the GB market, you will need to UKCA Mark your product.

To sell in Northern Ireland, you will need a CE Marking (if applicable). If you don’t you must use the UKNI Mark.

More than one mark can be used if you are selling to multiple markets.

The BBA can provide you with the third-party Certification that you need for your UKCA Marking.

Does BBA revise all certificates because of new numbers for the harmonised European norms/Standards carried?

BSI will keep the same numbering system for European Standards carried over, but with a new prefix.

The BBA certificate is an independent statement of fitness for purpose. The adequacy of the product for defined application is not going to change as a result of changing a the prefix of a Standard.

The default position would be to update the Standard number at the next review and reissue of the certificates.

The BBA isn’t imposing additional costs on certificate holders to revise the certificates purely to update harmonised standard numbers or prefixes.

If individual clients feel it’s important that their certificate should reflect the current standards, the BBA can do this.

With Agrément (including HAPAS) what is the status of this product from January 1st 2021?

There is no change in the status of your BBA Agrément Certificate. The BBA Agrément Certificate remains the most robust and comprehensive approval in the UK for construction products and systems, both for innovative products and more established ones. As the UK moves away from the CE Marking scheme, independent UK third-party verification of the performance of products is likely to become increasingly important to specifiers and end-users.

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