CE Marking: What You Need to Know

The latest updates and frequently asked questions around the hot topic of CE Marking

If you are a manufacturer or distributor based in the UK or situated in the EU and need to know more about how CE Marking may affect you, this page is dedicated to answering the most topical questions on the subject of CE Marking.

Note: All answers are correct as of 18th January 2021.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can a product destined to the EU have both the CE Marking and UKCA Marking (and UKNI Marking) alongside each other?

We believe that it is permissible for a label to feature both CE Marking and the UKCA Mark.

The situation in Northern Ireland however is more complex. Products bearing CE Marking and UKNI Marking may be placed on the market in both Northern Ireland and Eire. However, the UKNI Mark may not be used on products being exported to the rest of the EU.

For clarification, to continue to CE Marking we don’t need to do anything?

For a full description and clarification on this topic, please use the link below:


If you’ve already placed your goods on the market, in an EU country, or in the UK before 1st January 2021, you do not need to do anything if you use an EU Notified Body.

For products already placed on the market, CE marking will continue to be recognised in the UK market for one year. For new products or newly-marked products, covered by a UK Designated Standard,  new marking will be required.

We currently have CE Marking through an EU NB (Notified Body) or TAB (Technical Assessment Body) – can the BBA carry out the conformity assessment tasks to support UKCA marking?


The BBA has been designated as both a UK Technical Assessment Body (equivalent to an EU TAB) for a wide range of construction products, and also as a UK Approved Body (equivalent to an EU Notified Body) for FPC (Factory Production Control) Certification and system three testing.

If we have a CE Marking via an EU Notified Nody do we still need a UKNI Mark as well as the UKCA Mark?

If you have a CE mark from an EU Notified Body and you’re selling in Northern Ireland, you only need a CE marking which will continue to be acceptable in Northern Ireland only.

If a UK company already has a product on the market, CE marked, can you confirm you don’t have to do anything to continue to sell that product on the UK Market, until January 2022.

Yes that’s the case, provided that it is an EU body supporting the certification, CE Marking will be acceptable. UK based organisations can no longer be used in support of CE Marking.

If a UK company already has a product on the market, CE marked, can you confirm you don’t have to do anything to continue to sell that product on the EU Market, until January 2022?

This will depend on whether a UK based Notified Body was used to support the CE Marking. If this is the case, this is no longer acceptable and the tasks must be transferred to an EU based Notified Body.

Conversely, only UK based Approved Bodies can be used in support of UKCA Marking.

The BBA is committed to working with partners in the EU to co-ordinate wherever possible and so to minimise duplication of such activities.

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