UKNI Marking: What You Need to Know

The latest updates and frequently asked questions around the hot topic of UKNI Marking

If you are a manufacturer or distributor based in the UK or situated in the EU and need to know more about how UKNI Marking may affect you, this page is dedicated to answering the most topical questions on this subject.

Note: All answers are correct as of 18th January 2021.

Frequently Asked Questions

How is the situation different for companies based in Northern Ireland?

Companies who are based in Northern Ireland are in a unique position. Products may be placed on the market with CE marking only, if an EU based Notified Body was used. Alternatively, the use of a UK Approved Body could allow the use of the  CE / UKNI combined Mark.

Can UK Approved Bodies approve UKNI Marking?

Yes. Any UK AB can re-assess Northern Ireland products for the Northern Ireland market.

If you are Northern Ireland business, can you use UKCA, UKNI and CE Marking, to continue to sell your products. Does a CE Marking for NI businesses continue to be recognised post 1st January 2022?

From the 1st January 2022, CE Marking will not be recognised in GB, but will continue to be recognised in NI.

To sell a product into the NI market,  you will need either a CE Marking (from an EU Notified Body) or a CE and UKNI Marking (from a UK Approved Body).

The Government intends to pass legislation to allow goods manufactured in Northern Ireland to be placed on the GB market on the basis of CE Marking post 2022.

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