The BBA believes in providing value to the construction market as a whole; through enabling producers of products and systems to establish product trust, reassurance and loyalty in the market, to comply building regulation and legislation, differentiate themselves from their competitors and to build long-term factory and production consistency. But we also believe in providing value to those who install and fit those products – taking a broader, more holistic view of the entire supply chain process within construction.

Therefore, following a recent training competition run by the Department for Business, Energy & Industrial Strategy where grant funding was awarded to a range of suppliers appointment to deliver accredited training at scale to the low carbon installation sector in support of the delivery of the Green Home Voucher Scheme, we are pleased to pass on the detail provided by BEIS of successful Training Providers, along with a brief description of items that they will be delivering.

All training providers can be contacted through the Midlands Energy Hub who are administering the scheme on behalf of BEIS.

Dudley College (WP 4&5: Heat Pumps & Solar Thermal; Heating and Hot Water Controls)
Dudley College is a further education college located in the Midlands. Dudley college will provide training support to those who will be retrofitting housing stock across the Midlands through short and intensive courses including NICEIC Heat Pumps and Solar Thermal (NOS aligned), NICEIC Solar Thermal (NOS aligned), City and Guilds F0Gas, NICEIC Basic Energy Efficiency for Smart Meter Operative, NICEIC Package for Heating and Water Controls, City and Guilds 239 Inspection and Test. The College intends to engage individuals across the Midlands.

Elmhurst (WP1: Retrofit assessor and Retrofit coordinator)
Elmhurst Energy is the UK’s largest accreditation scheme for energy professionals and will deliver the following courses: Retrofit Assessor Training, Domestic Energy Assessor (DEA) Training, Retrofit Assessor Accreditation and Retrofit Coordinator Accreditation. Elmhurst will train, accredit and support retrofit assessors via online platforms and therefore extends across England.

Expedient Training (WP 1, 2 + 3: Retrofit assessor and Retrofit coordinator; Insulation; Non-Insulation Fabric Measures)
Expedient Training have a wealth of experience delivering qualifications and training within the construction training sector market, as they deliver high quality NVQs, training and consultancy to over 40 low carbon installers across the UK. Expedient will offer training across retrofit Assessor and Retrofit Coordinator; Insulation, and Non-Insulation Fabric Measures at a range of levels. Its geographical coverage is across the North East.

Farnborough College of Technology (WP 2, 4 + 5: Insultation; Heat Pumps & Solar Thermal; Heating and Hot Water Controls)
Farnborough College of Technology has a dedicated campus for construction (Aldershot College) which provides trade skills to prepare students for employment within the industry, with courses and apprenticeships. The College will provide training on insulation provision and delivery in the installation of domestic insulation measures, heat pumps & solar thermal, and heating and hot water controls including smart controls. The project will be delivered in a mixture of online / remote teaching along with some face to face in the College or the workplace. Its geographical coverage is across the South East.

North West Skills Academy (WP 2+3: Insulation; Non-Insulation Fabric Measures)
The North West Skills Academy (NWSA) is a specialist construction training and assessment organisation established in 2013. NWSA will deliver City & Guilds Level 2 NVQ in Insulation and Building Treatments, Cavity Wall Insulation, Internal Insulation, External Wall Insulation, Cold Roof Insulation, Wall Tie Replacement, Wood Preserving and Damp Proofing, Cold, Warm Room Insulation, Floor Insulation, Warm Roof Insulation and Insulate Framed Sections of Buildings. Also, it will support installer companies to achieve PAS 2030:2019 / 2017 standards and/or become TrustMark registered or MCS certificated. Training will be delivered both online and via face to face sessions, whilst its geographical coverage is extended to the North West, North East, Midlands, Yorkshire & Humber, South West and South East.

Optimum UK (WP 4: Heat Pumps & Solar Thermal)
Optimum Energy Solutions is an MCS accredited and Trustmark registered firm which promotes clean forms of renewable energy. Optimum will provide courses for Heat Pumps and Solar Thermal to the South West and Midlands. The courses will include: (a) support to gain Trustmark registration and/or MCS certification to guide them through the MCS Process from application through to inspection from one of the MCS Certification bodies; (b) training in the installation of low carbon heating measures (predominantly heat pumps) which are supported by the voucher scheme.

Provincial Seals (Work Package 2: Insulation)
Provincial Seals Ltd is a network supplier of UKAS Accredited Insulation & Heating Systems to the UK’s Energy Efficiency Industry and is part of the Green Del First Group that provides an end to end process and support operation which helps new market entrants achieve certification, compliance, and competence standards. Its training delivery will focus on insulation and more specifically on cavity wall insulation, loft insulation, underfloor insulation, internal wall insulation, room in roof insulation and external wall insulation. Its geographical coverage is located across the Midlands and North East.

Retrofit Academy (WP 1+2: Retrofit assessor and Retrofit coordinator; Insulation)
The Retrofit Academy is a not-for profit training company dedicated to improving the capabilities of the UK retrofit sector. The Retrofit Academy will deliver (a) the Open College Network West Midlands Level 5 Diploma in Retrofit Coordination and Risk Management to individuals who will practice under the ECO, the GHG and any successor Schemes delivered under the BSI PAS2035 Standard; (b) a new Level 2 Certificate in Insulation and Building Treatment based upon the latest National Occupational Standards across cavities, lofts, external and internal walls and underfloor. The geographical coverage of Retrofit Academy extends across England.

Think Construction Skills (WP 2: Insulation)
Think Construction Skills Ltd was established in October 2013 and provides a nationwide On-Site Assessment Training for a wide range of construction based NVQs (levels 2 to 7) and has upskilled several thousand learners through NVQ On-Site Assessments (OSAT). TCS will provide NVQ Level 2 in Insulation and Building Treatments. It will enable numerous SMEs to upskill their workforce and meet the PAS certification. TCS will deliver training across a range of insulation measures.

Greendale Ltd (WP 4: Heat Pumps & Solar Thermal)
Greendale Limited is an established Gas, Electrics, Water and Renewable Energy Training Centre that is currently delivering a wide range of installation training in formal qualifications to accredited standards. Greendale will offer courses on heat pumps and solar thermal. The geographical coverage of the courses offered by Greendale covers the North of England.

GTEC MCS (WP 4: Heat Pumps & Solar Thermal)
GTEC (which specializes in the provision of Electrical, Renewable, DEA, OFTEC and training) is partnering with MTC to offer these courses. The courses delivered by GTEC MCS focus on Heat Pumps and Solar Thermal and offer Level 3 RQF qualifications in both Heat Pumps and Solar Thermal. These courses aim to provide support at all stages of the installer journey, i.e. from initial enquiry through to successful certification under the GHGVC. The GTEC MCS courses have wide geographical coverage due to the fact that they will be delivered via their numerous hubs across England.

Heat Geek Ltd (WP 4+5: Heat Pumps & Solar Thermal; Heating and Hot Water Controls)
Heat Geek gives expert advice on technical aspects of the heating industry to professionals and discerning end users. Heat Geek will offer training on (a) Heat Pumps and Solar Thermal; (b) Heating and Hot Water Controls. Heat Geek aims to inform trainees about the relevant technologies, why they should excite them, how they operate and how to best install and integrate these technologies with existing systems. The geographical coverage will expand to all hub areas across England.

The BESA Academy (WP 4: Heat Pumps & Solar Thermal)
The BESA Academy is part of the Building Engineering Services Association (BESA), which is a membership organization that supports and serves its members in the design, installation, commissioning, maintenance, control and management of engineering systems and services in buildings. The BESA academy will provide training to upskill qualified Plumbing and Heating Engineers to correctly install domestic heat pumps in order to ensure consistent quality of retrofit delivery. The geographical coverage of the courses will be extended throughout the North West of England.

The Green Register (All work packages)
The Green Register trains construction professionals from all disciplines of the industry to build better, more sustainable buildings and covers all aspects of sustainable building practices. The courses offered by the Green Register address both training, certification and support. Specifically, a wide range of topics are covered in these courses, including building physics, assessing retrofit, moisture movement within buildings, ventilation strategies, airtightness, best practice detailing, insulation (solid walls, floors and roofs), low carbon technologies including heat pumps, using natural materials to promote healthy buildings and occupants and presenting the key principles of PAS2035. The geographical coverage of the courses will be extended throughout the South West of England.

Windhager (WP 4: Heat Pumps & Solar Thermal)
Windhager Uk has been an accredited HETAS training center for over 10 years and has trained many hundreds of biomass installers to the MCS standards. Windhager offers a course for Heat Pumps and Solar Thermal that is HETAS certified and successful individuals will be certified to MCS standards. The geographical coverage of the course extends to the Midlands & South West Hubs

Hampshire Training and Assessments (WP 5: Heating and Hot Water Controls)
Hampshire Training and Assessments Ltd is a certified energy training and assessment center hat offers training across numerous sectors of engineering. Hampshire Training and Assessments will deliver training and completion of assessments for the following qualifications: (a) Essential Electrics and Safe Isolation of Electrical Equipment certified as a CPD qualification by LCL Awards; (b) Level 3 Award in Energy Efficiency for Gas fired and Oil Fired Domestic Heating and Hot Water Systems; (c) -Hot Water Systems & Safety (inc. Unvented hot water). The geographical coverage of the courses extends throughout the South West of England.

Building Our Skills (WP 3: Non-Insulation Fabric Measures)
Building Our Skills focuses on campaigning and delivering skills training aimed to bridge a growing skills gap by working closely with employers and other organisations to attract new entrants in the industry and by upskilling the existing workforce to ensure it can meet future demand. Building our skills will provide training for window and door installers. The geographical coverage of the training is addressed to trainees located at the North East, Humber and D2N2.

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