Following the launch of a strategic partnership with Barbour Product Search, we’d like to invite you to join us at a webinar on 9th February, 11:00am where we’ll be joining a panel of industry experts to discuss opportunities and challenges around responsible manufacturing and procurement, and looking at what the industry needs to do drive change going forward. Joining the BBA’s Technical Director Bill Hewlett on the panel will be:

  • Damon Schunmann, Strategic Consultant at Barbour ABI
  • Iain Mcilwee, Chief Executive – Finishes and Interiors Sector (FIS)
  • Peter Caplehorn, Chief Executive – Construction Products Association (CPA),
  • Graeme Whitty, National Product Director – Willmott Dixon Construction.

Key Information:

Date: 9th February 2021

Time: 11:00am

Location: Online

More detail: In light of the recently published Government Construction Playbook and announcement of the formation of a new construction products regulator, the panel will be discussing ways in which manufacturing and procurement best practise can be improved, with some of the following items being discussed:

  • How both contractor and manufacturer responsibilities and best practice for product safety and quality controls can be improved.
  • The role digitisation and technology can play in the verification of manufacturing, product sourcing and installation.
  • How the industry can embrace the innovative, digitally enabled manufacturing approaches which have long been standard practice in other major sectors.
  • How the industry can standardise designs and components and whether this is always appropriate.
  • The role that methodologies like modern methods of construction or the Construction Innovation Hub’s Platform approach will play in influencing standardisation and aggregation of demand.
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