Demonstrating the Value of

Product’s Performance Capabilities

In any industry, the value of a product is invariably linked to its performance. This can be defined in several ways such as:

  • Longevity
  • Functionality
  • Capability
  • Consistency
  • Conformity
  • Reliability
  • Return on Investment (ROI)

But how do you show potential clients that a product will perform to its maximum capability and be confident that what you are stating is correct?

There are a number of routes you can go down to achieve this and demonstrate that a product does indeed offer value to the installer or end user. In this article we uncover how the BBA can help you do this and why the services provided are held in high regard across the whole construction supply chain through Product Approvals, Audit and Inspection, and Testing.

Product Approval

Providing a high-level of service through knowledge, skills and resources is what allows the BBA to deliver technical excellence for all clients. Through these high standards the BBA can show the value of your products or systems by way of their performance capabilities.

  1. The BBA provides Certificates based on product assessments that are impartial, independent, and authoritative. This trusted and recognisable approach is based on over 50 years’ experience and collective knowledge building, which is why BBA Agrément Certificates are so highly regarded in the market.
  1. Knowing how to assess a product’s performance, helps to conclude their validity. The BBA not only measures performance against Standards, but also takes into consideration the context of use (such as roofing or cladding), environmental factors (such as reduced durability in coastal locations), and any regulatory requirements.
  1. The most important part of verifying a product’s performance is arguably the methodologies that are used. Ongoing reviews of methods and criteria used keep all assessments relevant and up to date.
  1. Being impartial is part of what gives the BBA its authority within the marketplace. This impartiality means that all products of a given type are treated consistently, resulting in a fair and valid comparison that undeniably accounts for a product or system’s value.
  1. Post-test or certification, the BBA doesn’t stop working to ensure the value of a product or system is maintained to the same level that was shown at the time of certification. Continued factory surveillance ensures that the manufactured product is as described in the certificate.

Audit and Inspection

Consistency is fundamental for all products, especially within construction. Knowing that a product will perform the same every time, regardless of when it was manufactured, can offer peace of mind when specifying or installing and offers value through reliability.

The BBA helps clients achieve this through its audit and inspection services, keeping standards high and quality consistent.

  1. The rigour and vigilance required to maintain Agrément certification underlines the confidence that can be placed in a certified product. Not having this vigilant approach could lead to the exclusion of a product from a particular scheme or initiative.
  1. What is classed as ‘value’ goes beyond the physical products. For some products, the BBA operates Approved Installer Schemes which provide a robust mechanism for demonstrating quality workmanship and trustworthiness throughout the installation process. This can be as vital as the performance reliability of the products themselves.


Agrément certification acts as a mark of excellence, but this isn’t the only way the BBA is helping clients demonstrate the value of a product and how it performs:

  1. The testing capabilities that the BBA offers are an opportunity for organisations, providing quality and impartiality from a recognised name within the construction industry. Putting your products and systems under such scrutiny builds confidence around your performance claims.
  1. Test reports from accredited test laboratories (BBA is UKAS accredited Testing Laboratory (No. 0357) to BS EN ISO/IEC 17025), in themselves act as a legitimate marker of product value. The utilisation of this information within the marketplace can provide a competitive advantage.
  1. The flexibility in the test offering means the BBA can facilitate a client’s bespoke requirements. Highlighting certain product criteria places a marker within the industry that can illustrate that a product performs especially well compared to competitor products within the marketplace.

Product Performance isn’t just important for a manufacturer, it’s important for everyone involved in the supply chain, including the end user. Knowing your product, material or system performs as it is designed to, gives your clients, their clients, and in fact the whole supply chain, confidence and reliability in a product’s ability.

As a manufacturer, it’s critical that your product performs as expected, for its intended life expectancy and at the BBA we offer a range of different methods to support your requirements.

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