5 ways that product testing builds

more credibility for your business

than you realise.

In today’s world, the words ‘Product Testing’ have become a catch-all for simply looking for ways to demonstrate a product’s viability to do a certain job. And that viability comes in a number of shapes and sizes:

  • Does it work?
  • Will it last?
  • Is it safe?
  • Does it comply?

And while you may have a specific box to tick, product testing, and the definition of viability, has much further-reaching benefits for any company than many may realise.

Let’s look at just 5 of these.

Product value

We live in a world of fake news, propaganda and misinformation. Where critical thinking has taken a backseat in many cases. However, in the same vein, and as a result of the increase of speed to delivery, cost-cutting, and the need to be safer, the spotlight on quality and product credibility has been turned up. Demonstrating your product value through a set of accredited tests means you lead your market from the offset; delivering the value your clients and specifiers expect from the moment of launch.

Performance assessment

We’ve seen those adverts; The miracle cures. The instant anti-ageing. Many hurriedly purchase the product with great expectations only to be horribly disappointment by the reality they face; not in the product disappointment, but knowing they should have known better. Product testing epitomises what it says on the tin, with supporting evidence that the product will, in fact, perform as expected, according too the testing parameters.

Process assurance

3rd party testing and certification is not an activity done in isolation of process and production. In fact, it’s dependent thereon. And while the product verification may be enough to launch, most manufacturers rely on the assurance that the ways in which their product has been contributes to the long-term viability of this product post-launch. Which means that it may not have a direct impact on the test results, but successful test reports reinforce their commitment to solid production, product conformity and quality maintenance.

Maximising profits

Product development requires innovation and process; but similarly requires astute focus on minimising risk associated with re-work, re-production, re-jigging of tools, machinery and process. Product testing is a course used by many manufacturers as a way to review product performance in ways that will limit failure rates as much as possible, before they’ve hit the market – giving them the opportunity to make necessary product amendments in order to comply with the desired output, reducing the change for any nasty surprises once the product has gone to market.

Building customer loyalty, way before product launch

In a commercial world, the opinion of the consumer, the referrer, the specifier, quite often holds far more value than the person signing the cheque. Building your credibility both for your product as well as your organisation is critical to seeing your product’s acceptance in the market. Product testing gives you the opportunity to showcase the viability of your solution; satisfying selection criteria and expectation for your intended market long before launch.

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