Demonstrating how a product

performs could unlock its success

For any company, the way a product performs within a marketplace

is critical to its success and longevity.

When looking at the construction industry the longevity of a product as a singular element or as part of a system can be exponential with materials now lasting the life span of a building The Green Building Guide to Specification, published by the Building Research Establishment, states that it is generally accepted that ‘a new building will last for at least 60 years.’ With many of the foundational features lasting much longer.

But a product’s performance for the duration of its lifecycle is not the only variable that can determine its success. There are many other factors that (depending on its usage) need to be taken into consideration, such as:

  • Durability (think roads and paving)
  • Strength (think reinforced concrete)
  • Safety (think PPE)
  • Security (think locking mechanism)
  • Size (think processors)
  • Formulation (think paints and coatings)

Regardless of what constitutes the value of a product, if it is new to a marketplace or just new into its current market, the barometer of its success will be how it performs in situ.

Let’s take a look at some products that have demonstrated their value to break into a market:


The combination of a phone, a music player and a portable device connected to the internet set the industry standard for a new wave of smart devices back in 2007. Although 14 years later, the expectation of a smart device is much more sophisticated, highlighting the functionality of the device in 2007 arguably gave Apple first-mover advantage that they pride themselves on maintaining to this day.

Electric Vehicles

It is estimated that the total associated greenhouse gas emissions of electric vehicles are 66% lower than petrol cars (60% for diesel). The value this brings to the environmentally conscious is a huge selling point, especially when the vehicle market has been dominated by fossil fuels for so long.

Several manufacturers are now offering +100,000-mile battery warranties, demonstrating that product testing and development leads to a more reliable performance that manufacturers can rely upon and another way of highlighting the value of an electric vehicle to the wider transportation industry.


A boiler’s warranty is intended to be a sign of how confident a manufacturer is on the length of time it should perform to the best of its ability; that the product has been tested and reviewed, and that they’re basing the products benefits on performance. With the correct maintenance, the product should continue to perform way into the future.

Whiskers Cat Food

8 out of 10 cats would recommend it!

Whether you’re aiming to make a claim, like this one, or whether you’re looking to demonstrate viability – the market can very quickly determine hearsay from verification.

Demonstrating what a product can do provides a much better opportunity of success. One easy way to demonstrate this is through product testing or certification. This sets the foundations for you to gain market share, build credibility and most importantly – improve an industry for the better.

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