The BBA turns 55 years old!

On 2nd May 2021, the British Board of Agrément turned 55 years old.

And it wasn’t without celebration.

Where the story began…

On May 2nd 1966, the British board of Agrément was established in the United Kingdom as an Agrément Board by the UK Government.

But where does the word ‘Agrément’ come from?

The forerunner of the BBA, the Agrément Board was modelled on an arrangement already operating in France, hence the French word Agrément, which translates literally as ‘approval’. The British Board of Agrément was set up as a construction industry approvals body, originally set up to offer product and installer approval, which it continues to do to this day.

Where we are today:

To date, the BBA has issued over 6,000 certificates during the course of its lifetime. We continue to cover over 200 product sectors and run installer schemes linking installations of products to the approved certifications; ensuring that both supplier and installer are joined up and focused on the quality and longevity of that product according to what it has been certified for.

We have clients from over 72 countries around the world that make use of BBA services to launch products into the UK market, and have over 130 people working together to help to make this happen. We’ve developed over 400 testing methodologies and conduct over 1,000 annual inspections.

But just because we’ve been going for over 50 years, doesn’t mean that we can relax in becoming more efficient, delivering better, serving our customers better.

Our focus remains heavily on making improvements internally, that result in a better experience for our clients. Product launches are done in consultation with our peers (such as the case with the Agrément Plus Consultation launched earlier this year), and becoming a truly systems-driven, data-led organisation that continues to drive quality and safety in the world in which we operate.

To view our complete history, and timeline of what’s happened over the past 55 years in the life of the BBA, click here.