Maintenance Fees:

What you need to know.

There is no point in certifying a product as a one-off activity if the continuous production of that certified product changes so much, that it runs the risk of negating the original criteria that the product was assessed against.

That’s why product certification through the BBA is not a certify-and-forget activity.

Our post-certificate maintenance processes have been built with ongoing quality assurance in mind; and that’s why we make sure you understand and are happy with our proposed post-certificate quality audit plan that will help to maintain the certification you have worked hard to obtain.

We have a number of maintenance fee options to accommodate all our client’s needs and we will assist you to determine which one is best suited for your business.

To help you understand our post-certification maintenance fees a little more, use this simple chart as a guide to how your certification maintenance may be charged.

Understanding Post-Certificate Maintenance:

Certifying your product means that you hold a commitment to quality through your product performing the same every time, as it is intended to.

By undergoing BBA product certification, you mitigate risk through verifying your product’s performance and its fitness for purpose – helping to reducing the risk of non-compliance, or unsuitable usage. When your product is certified by the BBA, certification is not where the process ends, it is just the start. This certification signals a transition from non-compliance to a maintenance schedule that will ensure compliance continues post-certification.

If you want to understand more about all that is involved in post-certificate surveillance and reviews…

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