Webinar on Sustainability:
How Mushrooms are Being Used
in Construction (Yes, Mushrooms)

Sustainability: How Mushrooms are Being Used in Construction (Yes, Mushrooms)!

Date: 10th August 2021
Duration: Approx. 30 mins
Presenter: Ehab Sayed – Founder and Director of Innovation @ Biohm


For years, nature has been giving us clear signals to warn us that if we want to live in a healthy, working world, something must change. Industries all over the world have been answering this call in their own way; so too has the construction world.

But change alone, using the same tools and processes that we’ve become accustomed to, is not enough to dramatically impact the industry and change the way we build our man-made environments.

In this webinar, we talk with BIOHM; an exciting start-up that is addressing construction innovation head-on, with sustainability at the heart of everything they do, and using product testing as a core part of their market credibility mission.

And yes, we will be talking about mushrooms!

What you’ll discover in this session;

– How nature is inspiring us to revolutionise the built environment

– Sustainability: The state of the construction industry

– How BIOHM is addressing sustainability challenges head-on (using mushrooms)

– A new approach to product innovation

– Supporting innovation to disrupt the market

– Your own all-important Q&A’s