Going LEAN: The benefits of LEAN methodology for Product Certification and Testing.

Date: 7th September 2021
Duration: Approx. 30 mins
Presenter: Dennis Chacko – Sales Manager @ BBA

What is the LEAN methodology?

In short, LEAN methodology is a way of optimising the people, resources, effort, and energy of an organisation in order to create overall value for the end user, client or customer.

When we think of optimising what we do, it is easy to fall into the trap of simply looking to eliminate waste. Waste in time, waste in resource and waste in energy focussed on the wrong tasks. Although this is a fundamental part of it, the LEAN methodology is based on two facets, continuous improvement and respect for people.

It is more about creating value (understanding our customers needs and wants and removing what they don’t require) than it is about the elimination of waste.

In order to do this the following must apply;
– A methodical approach
– A learning mindset
– The ability to test ideas

This methodology is more of a path toward innovation than it is a form of risk mitigation.

What you’ll discover in this session;

– What is LEAN methodology

– The uses within construction

– How the BBA is limiting waste, eliminating risk and reducing time through LEAN

– The benefits to product certification and the wider construction industry

– Q&A – Your own all-important Q&A’s

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