Brexit UK
Simplifying the UKCA from
CE Marking Transition.
Brexit UK

As you may now be aware the UK Government recently announced (20.06.22) changes to the transition from the CE Mark to the new UKCA (UK Conformity Assessed) Mark that will apply to some products placed on the market in England, Scotland and Wales.

The deadline for this transition remains the same – 1st January 2023, but changes to testing and what will be acceptable evidence of testing has now been confirmed for products under AVCP System 3.

For products under AVCP System 3 existing tests from EU Notified Bodies will be accepted (where testing was carried out before 31st December 22), meaning that there will be no need to retest and recertify products that have already been tested before this date, reducing the impact on administrative tasks, leaving you with more time to focus on ’business as usual.’

i.e. Products that are CE marked (and the data used to gain this mark), manufactured and imported before the aforementioned deadline will be able to gain UKCA marking and can be sold in the UK without further testing.

What does this actually mean?

In short, through the voluntary route, the BBA can help gain UKCA marking (by issuing UKTA’s) much quicker with less impact on your business. A more detailed explanation of this can be found on the Government’s website here

There are a number of other wider stipulations that we feel are important that you should be aware of as they may impact the daily running of your organisation. These are:

– The Acceptance of Spares
– Product Labelling

The Acceptance of Spares

Acceptance of legitimate spares for products that conform to the above (i.e. placed within the UK market prior to 1st January 2023) should answer questions regarding the availability of spare parts for UKCA marked products and those products that have already entered the UK market under the CE mark. Spares for these products will not be required to retest for a UKCA mark.

Product Labelling

Sticky labels or further documentation will be allowed to be added to products so that the inclusion of important information and information relating to the UKCA mark can be included without the need for heavy investment in relabelling of stock.

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