Antonio Caporali
Certification Scientist at the BBA
gains IOM3 membership.

As a BBA collective, we don’t sit still. Our People are what drive our business, and so when individuals achieve, we all achieve together.

This week, we were delighted by the news that Antonio Caporali, Certification Scientist has achieved professional membership with the Institute of Materials, Minerals and Mining (IOM3).

Antonio, a Certification Scientist in our Materials team, has earned the membership following a successful evaluation by the institute which took into account academic qualifications and commitment to development.

Prior to joining the BBA in November 2021, Antonio gained an MSc in Physics from the University of Naples, Italy before achieving an MSc in Polymer Science and Technology at Loughborough University here in the UK.

He has industry experience as a polymer engineer and is currently involved in the assessment of construction products and systems for waterproofing applications.

Being recognised by the IOM3 is something Antonio hopes will add to his personal development in the coming years.

“It is a personal achievement as a result of your efforts, but is not merely a title, it is much more than that,” he explains.

“It is a way into a family of professionals sharing the same interests and commitment to the subject, and you all can learn from each other.”

Antonio follows the footsteps of BBA colleagues, Tamador Mokbel, Danila Aly and Omer Ismail in achieving IOM3 membership during the past year, and he hopes to quickly put his learning into action.

“It can also provide you with the necessary resources to progress more quickly to a senior position in your current role,” he says.

“I can be constantly informed on any types of initiatives relevant to materials science: webinars, conferences, training, courses, and I can receive a monthly magazine focused on the most interesting trends on the subject. It is very important because it gives access to a huge source of knowledge and can enable you to develop a networking with experts in the field.”

Congratulations, Antonio – from all of us at the BBA!

For more information about the Institute of Materials, Minerals and Mining, click here.