BBA HAPAS Certification for

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HAPAS stands for the Highway Authorities Product Approval Scheme and was set up by Highways England, the County Surveyors Society (CCS) and the British Board of Agrément (BBA) in 1998, with the clear objective of developing national approval assessment, testing and certification for innovative products, materials and systems for use in highways and related areas.

The scheme was created to offer clear and consistent testing methods for products and systems in use across UK highways, ensuring that they comply to all relevant regulations and standards. The Scheme was also designed to help individual authorities become more efficient by removing the need to carry out their own assessments and tests, and as a way to provide highways engineers with invaluable data on product performance, design and installation for project planning.

The BBA continues to work closely with Industry to continuously drive innovation and improvements throughout the market; creating new standards and refine old standards for the good of the evolving construction landscape.

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Who uses HAPAS Certification?

The HAPAS Certification Scheme was set up for any manufacturers and installers of products for use in Highways and related areas.  Our HAPAS Certification schemes cover product sectors that include high friction surfacing systems, thin surfacing, crack and patch repair systems, and manhole reinstatement systems.

Manufacturers and distributors who want to become a trusted producer and supplier of products into the UK highways network use the HAPAS certification mark to demonstrate product suitability, performance and compliance.

How does it work?

The HAPAS Certification process involves a series of rigorous tests and assessments which includes both laboratory and field testing. As part of the testing of the product or system’s fitness-for-purpose, the certification process may also include regular site inspections and performance trials. But verifying a product’s compliance to regulations and legislations is not a one-off activity; to help our clients rest assured that their product continue to remain compliant, the certification process also involves post-certification audits to ensure the assessment criteria is being maintained. Every 3 years, the certificate is re-assessed in order for it to be re-issued, to confirm that the original product remains relevant and compliant according to the original certification process.

Why is HAPAS Certification necessary?

As with most products available in the market, products which profess to solve a problem are, unless independently verified, only as good as the paper their marketing brochures are printed on.  HAPAS Certification takes the guessing work out of product suitability through the testing and verification of that product’s entire fitness-for-purpose.

Benefits of the HAPAS Certification Scheme

Since the 2015 release by the UK Government of a new mandate to make England’s motorways and major trunk roads world class by investing over £15 billion, the focus has been, and remains on driving a safe, efficient and sustainable UK Infrastructure for years to come.   All eyes remain fixed on future influences on the Strategic Road Network, which include population growth and changing expectations, growth and productivity, energy and environmental shifts, and technology.

With one eye on quality and product performance, and another on innovation and growth, the HAPAS Certification scheme enables not only certifies a product to validate compliance to necessary regulations and legislation, while also verifying fitness for purpose; meaning that approved products lead the way in providing definitive guidance to local authorities and contractors on highway maintenance.

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In today’s market, demonstrating product value and performance is key in order to stand out from the competition, especially when your plan is to lead the market.

Reinforced Earth knew that in order help achieve this, they required a BBA HAPAS Certification, a mark of excellence, based on rigorous testing and certification against National and European standards.

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