BBA / TIMSA U-Value and Condensation Risk Competency Scheme

The BBA/TIMSA scheme was developed to help promote and assist with accurate, objective and consistent calculation of U-Values and condensation risk within buildings.

The BBA operates a scheme for assessing and monitoring the competency of U-value and condensation risk calculations. The content was devised in association with TIMSA (the Thermal Insulation Manufacturers and Suppliers Association), who continue to participate in maintaining its validity with continual development. However, the scheme is open to non-TIMSA members as well, and to anyone seeking reassurance that the calculations being provided are supplied by an individual or company that has been subject to a rigorous and ongoing independent assessment process.

The scheme has the backing of two of the most popular U-value software providers, JPA and BuildDesk; BuildDesk has a number of individuals who are Competent Persons under the scheme.

The scheme is also included in the RdSAP conventions document (the version of SAP dedicated to existing dwellings as a recognised calculation competency scheme).

How to become a Competent Person under the scheme

The assessment process for the BBA/TIMSA U-Values and condensation risk competency scheme consists of four simple steps:

  • An initial screening – This is based on sample calculations designed to explore the understanding of the underlying principles of BR 443 and BS EN ISO 6946
  • An office inspection – To examine the company’s quality system and examples of actual calculations
  • Issuance of a Certificate to the company that employs the Competent Person(s) – This defines the individual areas of competency and
  • Ongoing surveillance ( once a year).

Each Competent Person is given a unique number and this is used as an identifier of calculations covered by the scheme. A certificate is provided at the successful completion of this process, and these certificates are also published on the BBA website. Competency can, therefore, be demonstrated.

The scheme does not include a course or training; it is an assessment of competence in relation to U-values via the combined method (not numerical modelling). Therefore we advise that assessment under the scheme should be undertaken once you consider yourself ready, as we don’t have any pre-requisites.

Contact us to find out more about how you can become BBA/TIMSA Certified or browse through the guide below.

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