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Client Case Studies

The BBA exists to deliver value to our industry, which is why we pride ourselves on helping the construction and manufacturing industries build confidence in the solutions created, designed and implemented throughout the entire supply chain.

But don’t take our word for it. Explore some of the Client case studies below.


We speak with Greg Astill, Head of Product Management at Sto, who talks to us about their experience of working with the BBA on the certification of their Sto Ventec Glass A rainscreen cladding system; a system that provides a high performance glass façade or internal wall lining.

For more information about Sto Ltd, click here.


In this episode, we chat to Nigel Blacklock, Technical Director of Bauder, to find out more about their experiences of working with the BBA. We also take the opportunity to answer some really critical questions and talk about the roofing industry and what that means in the world of product certification.

For more information about Bauder, click here.


In this episode, we chat to Tony Higson, Commercial Director and Jason Hedge, Senior Designer Manager at ACS, to find out more about their ACS G-Tray. With their product inspired by regulation changes within the Construction Industry, it was important for ACS to demonstrate the highest quality of their G-Tray product, a key factor associated with an BBA Agrément Certification.

For more information about ACS, click here.


In this episode, we sat down with Miguel Silva, Technical Director at Effisus to talk about their product Effisus Vapour FR and their journey with the BBA.

It was important for Effisus to retain credibility and confidence within their market, key characteristics of what an Agrément Certification provides.

For more information about Effisus, click here.


To expand their product within the UK, Rothoblaas recognised the need for an Agrément Certification, a third party stamp of approval, recognised within the construction industry.

Stefano Muscoloni, Area Sales Manager for RothoBlaas spoke to the BBA, sharing insight on their Rotho Traspir 95 Breathable Membrane, and experience with the BBA.

For more information about Rothoblaas, click here.


We recently spoke to Paul Duffy, Managing Director of Onduline, to discuss more about their BBA Certified Air Breather Membranes.

Onduline knew that in order to expand into new product sectors and markets, they needed an BBA Agrément Certification – a powerful tool for creating a competitive advantage.

For more information about Onduline, click here.

Chimney Sheep Ltd

In this case study, we sat down and spoke to Sally Phillips, Owner of Chimney Sheep Ltd, who invented the Chimney Sheep Product, a round, square or rectangular pad formed from felted wool used as a removable domestic chimney draught excluder, to reduce air flow.

Sally gave us insight into how the product came to light, and their journey with the BBA.

For more information about Chimney Sheep Ltd, click here.

Metz Ltd

We recently spoke to Jason and Gareth from Metz Limited, to find out more about their BBA Certified Non-Combustible Cavity Tray.

With changing building regulations, and to comply with the NHIC Accept Scheme, they knew that a BBA Agrément would provide clarity around their product.

For more information about Metz, click here.


We we’re delighted to speak to David Carter, Director of Liquasil, a roof coating manufacturer. Liquasil have a range their coating systems BBA Agrément Approved – ranging from systems designed for Asbestos, Metal Roofs, Waterproofing and Flat Roofs.

It was important for David and his business to achieve BBA Agrément Certification for their products, to receive market recognition for surveyors & architects and confidence in the product for everyone in the supply chain.

For more information about Liquasil, click here.

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