Product approval & certification

BBA certification is recognised throughout the construction industry as a symbol of quality and reassurance. It's the vital ingredient in the provision of assurance, quality and integrity to a plethora of stakeholders in the construction industry.

Product Excellence Programme FAQ

The BBA Product Excellence Programme (PEP) has been introduced to reassure specifiers, designers, architects and contractors that products certified by the BBA continue to match their published specification. Find out more by reading our Frequently Asked Questions.


1. What is the BBA Product Excellence Programme (PEP)?

The BBA, in its continual push for rigour and excellence, launched the Product Excellence Programme (PEP) in July 2018. PEP is designed to provide even higher levels of assurance to architects, building inspectors and specifiers looking to secure products that are of consistently high quality. PEP is an enhancement to the proven certification and audit and inspection services that the BBA has provided for many years.

2. Why has the BBA launched PEP?

Post Grenfell, consumers are looking for a higher degree of reassurance and expect products to be tested regularly by a trustworthy and externally assessed independent body.

3. How often will a product be tested?

Products which are enrolled into PEP will either be tested annually (Complexity 1) or triennially (Complexity 2) depending on the product type.

4. Why is my product tested annually rather than triennially?

Products which need to be tested annually (Complexity 1 products) are products which possess fire or structural type characteristics.

5. What happens if I have a certificate which includes a number of product sheets, and each product sheet covers a single product rather than a system? 

Where each product sheet covers a single product/component rather than a system i.e. a number of products/components which are combined together, one product from each product sheet will be tested either annually or triennially depending on the complexity of the product. If the tested product does not meet the agreed specification, further investigations will be undertaken including factory visits, where this is deemed necessary and at the expense of the client.

6. What happens if I have a certificate which includes a number of product sheets, and each product sheet covers a system made up of several products rather than just describing a single product? 

Where a certificate is comprised of a number of product sheets, and the products described within the product sheets are systems rather than single products, an indicative component of the system supplied from each of the system’s manufacturing locations will be tested either on an annual or a triennial basis depending on the complexity of the system. If there is only a single factory supplying products to make up the system, only one sample is selected for each Product Sheet, as above. For two suppliers, two samples are taken, one from each factory, and so on. If the component(s) does not meet the agreed specification, further investigations will be undertaken including factory visits, where this is deemed necessary and at the expense of the client.  

If the component passes the test, the BBA will assume that the results are indicative for all the products supplied. If the product fails, the BBA will assume that the results are indicative for all the products supplied to our client.

7. How much will each annual/triennial test cost?

For further information regarding the potential costs for your certificates, please contact

8. Who is responsible for selecting my products for testing?

Our Management Systems Auditors will randomly select the products during the 6-monthly audits of manufacturing facilities

9. How will products be sent to the BBA?

The selected product will be photographed and labelled by a BBA Management Systems Auditor during their 6-monthly visit; you will then be responsible for sending the sample to the BBA Product Excellence Test Centre at the BBA Headquarters, Bucknalls Lane, Bricket Wood, Watford WD25 9BA

10. How will I know if the sample has arrived safely?

The BBA Product Excellence Test Centre will advise you when the product has arrived.

11. How long will it take to carry out the sample test?

This will depend on the product.

12. Can I get my tests carried out elsewhere?

The BBA will accept test results from other UKAS or UKAS equivalent independent laboratories, however, there will be an administrative charge to assess these results against the agreed BBA specification for the product. You will be advised of the administrative fee.

13. What happens if my product fails the PEP test?

In the event of your product not matching the required specification, the Project Manager responsible for your certificate will contact you to discuss the next steps.

14. What happens if my product passes the PEP test?

You will be advised if your product passes the test; we will update our PEP website and congratulations will be posted on our BBA twitter page @BBAGuru.  

If your products consistently comply with PEP requirements, we will work with you to create a case study which will be featured in our quarterly newsletter, in the trade press and on the BBA website. 

15. How do I know if I’m a Complexity 1 or Complexity 2 client of the BBA?

If you are a current Certificate holder, you will be informed by one of our Management System Auditors during the 6-month inspection. If you are in the process of applying for your Certificate with the BBA, you will be informed during the application process.

16. If my product passes PEP, can I publicise this fact? 

Yes, you can. You can do this via Twitter, LinkedIn, your website, press releases and other platforms as you see fit.

17. How can I use the PEP logo to publicise passing this programme?

To use the BBA PEP logo to publicise your achievement, please send an email to and we will send the logo to you. Please note that there are terms and conditions to the use of the PEP logo which can be found on our website

18. Will the BBA publish a list of all those who have passed their inspections?

Yes. The BBA will update our website with details of all products/companies that have been tested and are PEP enrolled.

19. If I have any questions, who do I speak to?

If you have any questions, you can call the BBA Test Excellence Centre on 01923 665300 or email us at

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