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Executive Summary

For people who are in the business of introducing big ideas to the building and construction industry, it is ever more pertinent to keep the bigger picture in mind. That’s why sustainable development is at the heart of VMZINC’s strategy for progress and innovation. The monitoring of customer expectations combined with the provision of inventive, eco-designed solutions and third party certification from the BBA all contribute significantly to the success of the business.


VMZINC® specialises in the manufacturing and marketing of rolled zinc for use in façade, roofing and rainwater systems as well as bespoke heritage ornaments.

BBA Agrément Certificate 12/4900, Product Sheet 1 and Product Sheet 2 for VMZINC’s Standing Seam Structural Roof System not only provides reassurance that the system is of the highest quality, it also raises the bar within the industry.

About the Product

VMZINC Standing Seam Structural Roof System is a zinc roof for use as structural flat or curved roofing on buildings with internal humidity class 1 to 4 and with finished slopes from 3° to 70°.

VMZINC Standing Seam Compact Roof System is for use as flat, curved or pitched roofs with finished slopes from 3° to 60°, with internal humidity class of 1 to 5.


Being the first systems of their type to be submitted for Agrément certification did bring challenges. The non-vented nature of the compact and structural roof system meant that extensive tests had to be undertaken to ensure that underside corrosion did not occur and that the build-up entailed in fixing of zinc to rigid insulation offered long-term performance. Fixing through to the deck also involves use of special fixing clips and screws.

The roof systems were originally certified using the French CSTB `avis technique` approximately 20 years ago, but elements had been modified and needed to be tested for the new certificate, namely the use of PIR insulation and a modified clip system the for the structural roof.

The `technical translation` between the CSTB and the BBA proved to be a little trickier than originally hoped.

The Results

The roof systems have been used throughout the UK and Europe, good examples being new builds at Winchester and Stourbridge Colleges, the University of York, Waterford Fire Station in Co. Wexford, the Foyle Arena in Co. Londonderry, Jordans Mills in Hertfordshire, Wyre Forest Crematorium, Tower Wood Activity Centre in Windermere, Olympic Park North Hub, London and many more.

Working with the BBA

After a long process of transferring documents from France and carrying out new testing the process proved straightforward.

BBA staff worked alongside VMZINC’s research and development team in France to ensure that the certification process went smoothly, and explained what was required at each stage of the process in order to facilitate fulfillment of testing.

How Agrément Certification has helped

As no standards or certificates previously existed for zinc non-vented warm roofs in the UK, the arrival of the BBA Agrément certificate meant that architects and clients had the reassurance of using a proven and tested system.

Jonathan Lowy, Operational Marketing Manager of VMZINC, commented:

“The benchmark of quality that Agrément certification provides is not available from any other organisation.”

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