EN 1090

As a UKAS accredited Certification Body (No 0113) the BBA can offer certification for Factory Production Control, as required for CE Marking against EN 1090, which is mandatory for manufacturers of load-bearing steel and aluminium structures or structural components who are looking to enter the European market.

Under the Construction Products Regulation (CPR) 2013, CE marking of construction products placed in the market where the product is covered by a harmonised European standard (hEN) became mandatory.

On 1st of July 2013, it became a legal requirement under the CPR for load-bearing steel and aluminium structures or structural components to be CE marked as per the requirements of EN 1090 (Execution of steel structures and aluminium structures) before they can be placed in the European market, including the UK market. The standard covers fabricated steel and aluminium components for ‘permanent incorporation into construction works’. It includes components used directly in construction, those sold as kits for construction, and those used in composite steel and concrete products. It applies to both series and non-series products.

To CE mark load-bearing steel and aluminium structures or structural components, a manufacturer must first obtain a Factory Production Control (FPC) certificate issued by a Notified Body (NB) such as the BBA. This provides assurance that the factory production control is suitable to manufacture the components in accordance with the requirements of EN 1090.

We are a United Kingdom Accreditation Service (UKAS) accredited Certification Body (No 0113) and notified by the European Commission to issue FPC Certificates in line with EN 1090 on successful assessment. We can carry out both the initial inspection of the factory and factory production control and the continuous surveillance and assessment of FPC systems, as required by the standard.

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Subscription Options

As a BBA Certified EN1090 Client, you can choose an enhanced subscription to be on the EN1090 register with one of the below options:

  • Silver Subscription – Free (annual rate typically charged at £49 pa) or
  • Gold Subscription – £149 pa which provides you with an enhanced listing position, relevant execution class listing, contact details and a direct link to your site plus much more.

To take advantage of this enhanced offering, please visit and register with our partners 1090register.com

Disclaimer: 1090register.com provides a list of registered 1090-certified suppliers. The register is independent of the BBA, and the BBA is not responsible for the content of that third-party

Our Enhanced Offering

Did you know you can get more from your EN 1090 with our enhanced offering? By subscribing to one of the options below you will be registered on the EN1090 register, a directory which allows EN1090 providers to showcase their company as a legally compliant supplier and bring them the best and most relevant enquiries.

The multi-layered register allows all those who are EN1090 Certified by the BBA to specify what contract values they are comfortable with, and even provide geographical information on where they are and how far they are willing to travel.

BBA Associate Consultants

We understand that not all companies have access to internal resources to advise on meeting the requirements of CE Marking to EN1090. This is where the BBA’s Associate Consultant Scheme could be of benefit.

The BBA Associate Consultant Scheme (ACS) operates alongside our EN 1090 FPC scheme.

To ensure that your organisation is in compliance with EN 1090, you may need to work with a professional consultant to guide you through the requirements before applying for a Certificate of Conformity of the Factory Production Control to EN 1090.

Finding a BBA Associate Consultant is simple. Simply email us with your company details and location and tell us that you are looking for an EN 1090 consultant.


Use of one of the BBA Associate Consultants does not imply that the process of Management System Certification will be simpler, easier, faster or less expensive. The list of Associate Consultants is provided for your convenience. It is important that you consider all the available consultants and choose the most appropriate consultant for your organisation’s needs. The BBA does not endorse the competence or performance of the consultants. If you wish to provide feedback on the Associate Consultant Scheme (ACS) please contact us.