Based on the ISO9001:2015 standards, the National Highways Sector Schemes (NHSS) are bespoke quality management systems for organisations working on the UK road network.

Making sure that work you carry out is done to the highest standards of professionalism, ensuring the use of properly trained staff with a strong emphasis on health and safety.

The main benefit of the NHSS is that if you currently work only on non-national road networks or even if you have previously worked with Highways England, our NHSS registration scheme can also help clear the way toward you taking on contracts for the national road network providing greater visibility to contracting bodies.

If your company supplies services to Highways England under the Specification for Highways Works (SHW), you must be certified under all the relevant schemes for the work you are carrying out.

There are currently more than 20 individual schemes which cover four main categories:

  • Road surfacing and marking

  • Fencing, landscaping and vehicle safety restraints

  • Traffic management lighting

  • Electronics and corrosion protection

Certifications we offer for NHSS

The BBA offers certification to the following National Highways Sector Schemes:

  • NHSS 7– Sector Scheme Document for The Application of Road Marking Materials and Road Studs to Road Surfaces

  • NHSS 13 – Sector Scheme Document for the supply and application of surface treatments to road surfaces

  • NHSS 16 – Sector Scheme Document for the Laying of Asphalt Mixes


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