The BBA works closely with the entire Construction community to facilitate the ability to act with speed and confidence, and with the assurance of an uncompromised quality level that enables long-term success and efficiency.

Regardless of where they find themselves in the build process, when it comes to quality and conformity, we enable a consistent approach to sustainability that keeps people safe in the knowledge of a tried and tested method for over 50 years.

As a Designer or Architect, by definition, whatever you do will affect the health and safety of all who use the structure you’re designing; from construction through to repair, usage and eventually demolition.

We understand that making the right design decision is critical to delivering a safe, healthy environment.

That’s why the BBA is proud to work in partnership with Designers and Architects to understand the challenges you face, and the risks that users might be exposed to, and how these arise from design decisions.

A constantly-innovating marketplace, the industry is becoming smarter in the way it records, analyses and uses new data, creating massive transformation in the demands being placed on all involved in the build lifecycle.

Collaboration as a supportive, reliable tool: Studies have shown a clear desire amongst the creative community for improved ways to collaborate and share insight; whether the insights are driven by new legislation and building regulations, clever use of space, an increased focus on creating sustainable spaces that underpin our communities.

That’s why we are dedicated to maintaining and delivering credible solutions that underpin your desire to create; maintaining the level of quality and reliability as a vital ingredient in the provision of assurance, quality and integrity to all those in the construction market.

As a UKAS accredited Certification Body (No 0113) that has a reputation throughout the construction industry for excellence, we are proud to be able to support the entire construction supply chain with access to credible, quality-driven results; particularly when it comes to enabling insight-driven decisions for Specifiers.

As a Specifier, we understand that your role as Challenger, Investigator, Coordinator, Researcher and Collaborator can only be successful with access to the most accurate, concise, quality-driven information that informs your process and delivers product and project success throughout the entire construction ecosystem.

For over 50 years, we have built our business around our constant drive for accuracy and authenticity, enabling us to be respected and acknowledged throughout the industry as an organisation that is focussed on delivering quality.

As an organisation or individual who directly employs or engages construction workers or as part of your business, and who is responsible for delivering a critical part of the construction process, you carry an immeasurable amount of responsibility to ensure the safety of those working with you and for you, and those who will make use of the building you are co-constructing.

We recognise that your process, from planning through to delivery, can only be effective if you have the assurance that the products and systems you use, will deliver the results they say they will. And with an ever-increasing spotlight on the sustainability of construction innovation within construction, your job becomes even more dependent on qualified, accurate product results. testing and certification.

We collaborate with Contractors to better understand the challenges they face within the Construction market, while supporting them by providing access to critical product and system information through our Testing, Product Approval Certification and Audit & Inspection services.

The BBA’s Approved Installer scheme means that Contractors can find reliable, accredited installers that have taken the necessary steps to ensure that a trusted certification body supports all work that they do the work they do, giving you, in turn, the confidence you need to manage your own risks with a team that sees quality and assurance as valuable parts of what they deliver.

Installation can be seen as the final part of a products journey before being used for the purpose it was created.

Installers rely on these products being not only fit for purpose, but offer the functionality as was described and the relevant reliability given in order to fit and forget, safe in the knowledge that the product will function as specified.

A BBA certification or testing is a mark of quality and demonstrates compliance with industry regulations or offers assurances where no industry standards are present.

The way we work is changing, rapidly. And so much more is the Construction market. Distributors and Merchants continue to recognise the need for quality and credible products delivery through the development of their own product and system ranges or those purchased from source, in order to compete within a competitive industry. set for innovation.

And in the same way that the BBA accelerates the growth, market penetration and commercial success of construction products and systems, not only in the UK but internationally too, so too do we work with Distributors and Merchants to enable their own exploration of new market opportunities through the development of their own product and system ranges (or white labelled manufacturer products), moving from the traditional supplier-only solution towards an all-round, turn-key construction product solution.

Good facilities management can provide a wealth of benefits including an improvement in efficiency and the cost-effectiveness of a facility.

Understanding the longevity of fixtures and fittings as well as other building components leads to a better maintenance schedule focusing on a proactive approach rather than being reactive to a product not suitable to the main function it was designed for, as well as general wear and tear.

Knowing more about the building and its individual components allows any facilities manager to understand life-span and plan accordingly. Smooth business operations are a direct result of a building not interrupted by a diverse range of technical difficulties.

More importantly, understanding how products are supposed to reacted under certain circumstances and ensuring they meet legal requirements, compliance standards, government regulations and health and safety standards creates a safer building all-round.

BBA Testing, Product Approval Certification and Audit & Inspection services provide this security leading to improve efficiencies and cost-effectiveness of the facility.

Most trade associations function on the same premise as the BBA. Formed on a non-profit basis to serve and provide protection for other businesses, the supply chain in general and of course the end user.

Working in collaboration with other organisations for a better construction industry, one that is safe and provides quality in its assurances and the products it tests and certifies is the BBAs main premise. Trade Associations can also benefit from a partnership with the BBA, offering its members access to critical product and system information through Testing, Product Approval Certification and Audit & Inspection services.

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