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  • The BBA Agrément Certificate is a gold standard in the UK construction industry. It establishes suitability and builds trust in your product for use in the UK. 
  • Throughout the whole construction supply chain, BBA certificates are used to authenticate and specify suppliers for construction projects. Being certified opens up more opportunities for use of your product in the UK market.
  • You can have the confidence that you are complying to UK standards in an area you may be unfamiliar with. 
  • Your brand could be expanded in your existing market as a globally-used product. 

Hear more from an international BBA client who was looking to expand into the UK.

Rothoblaas recognised the need for an Agrément Certification, a third party stamp of approval, as a critical part of successfully entering the UK market. Stefano Muscoloni, Area Sales Manager for RothoBlaas spoke to the BBA, sharing insight on their Rotho Traspir 95 Breathable Membrane, and experience with the BBA.

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