As a manufacturer of a construction product or system, we understand that you have taken the time and effort to ensure that your product meets required standards and works as it should, with the ultimate aim of making your customers happy.

Few things can be more frustrating than your reputation being put at risk due to poor installation practices.

So to help you manage your risk, the client-managed inspection service is designed to ensure that your installer network upholds its end of the deal, delivering consistently good quality work for you and your clients, thus reducing internal resource requirements and overhead costs.

The BBA currently carry out inspections on behalf of:

Designed to Help and Support

• Manufacturers
• Associations
• Lenders
• Guarantors

Covered Under This Service

• You manage and own the scheme and its key criteria
• Installers must meet this criteria
• The BBA inspect on your behalf to the highest of standards
• Company auditing is also provided

How does the BBA conduct these inspections?

Through on-site and office audits we can independently assess your installers, provide unbiased product and installation information, and help you to meet the necessary agreed installation standards and/or regulatory requirements.

Providing assurances to manufacturers that their product is consistently installed in accordance with their installation instructions through a network of trained, registered and assessed BBA Approved Installers. Each Installer, once BBA Approved, will demonstrate that they can operate to higher industry standards ensuring that your reputation is not at risk due to shoddy workmanship.

UKAS Accredited

Th BBA is a UKAS accredited Inspection Body (No 4345) for ISO/IEC 17020: 2012 to undertake inspections of BBA Approved Installers and installers operating under client managed schemes, as well as surveillance visits carried out on behalf of the government, endorsed Competent Person and TrustMark Schemes.

Every BBA Approved scheme is designed for a trade. We work with installers of cavity wall insulation, external wall insulation, loft insulation, pitched roof, energy-efficient windows and doors and high-friction surfacing among many others.

The support we provide covers both UKAS accredited Inspection Body (No 4345) and non-accredited schemes. We offer the certification installers need based on the highest of standards.

UKAS Accreditation Inspection Body 4345


Your first step to becoming BBA Certified begins here.