Break-ins and security threats are continuously a concern for both homeowners and businesses. Therefore, it’s important to ensure your product is safe, so that you and your clients have the reassurance that potential risks are reduced. That’s why our Test Team leaves no stone unturned when it comes to security testing.

At our testing laboratory we offer independent and comprehensive testing practises, giving you, the manufacturer, confidence that your products comply with the current legal and regulatory requirements. We use both mechanical and manual techniques, to replicate the forces and approaches of attacks used by burglars.

Data provided by the BBA Test Team, can also be used to achieve a BBA Agrément Certification, a mark of excellence, based on rigorous testing and certification against National and European standards, and the UK Police flagship safety first initiative, Secured by Design (SBD).

The BBA’s Test facilities allow us to provide a comprehensive range of services covering a wide variety of products from; insulation materials and systems to windows and doors, sealants and adhesives, flooring materials and structural components.

What tests do we offer?

  • External door-sets: PAS 24: 2012; PAS 24: 2016
  • Security hardware and cylinder tests
  • Manipulation tests
  • Infill manual tests
  • Infill mechanical tests
  • Manual cutting tests
  • Mechanical loading tests
  • Manual check tests
  • Soft body impact tests
  • Hard body impact tests
  • Letter plates: PAS 24: 2012; BS EN 13724: 2002 and 2013
  • Security of fixings
  • Windows – singular and multilight: PAS 24: 2012; PAS 24: 2016

Want to find out more?

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“The service we are receiving from the test department is really good. Paul has been amazing and really helpful”

– Efosa, Sundolitt – United Kingdom


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