We always hear that ‘safety comes first’ which is more prevalent within the construction industry than most. But how do organisations show the compliance needed to truly put safety first, rather than just paying lip service it?

By demonstrating they consistently do what they say they are doing.

ISO 45001 is the internationally-recognised standard for Occupational Health and Safety (OH&S) and through its implementation, it can help companies focus on reducing and mitigating risks. It provides a structure to support your compliance with legislation.

ISO 45001 requires the company management to take a stronger leadership role in Occupational Health and Safety and for this to be incorporated into the overall management system of the company, following a preventative process, rather than an ‘after the fact cure’.

There are multiple benefits to this achieving this certification in combination with your Health and Safety Policy, it can help to support:

  • Incident and accident reduction – Less downtime and a more productive workforce

  • Risk reduction – Helps to identify problem areas and implement applicable OH&S procedures, reducing risks throughout the company.

  • Transparency – Presenting clear, transparent measures and new and improved adjustments that enhance your health and safety policies.

  • Improved productivity – knowing that you are working in a safe environment means the focus can shift to productivity and efficiency

  • Continuous improvement – Promoting a constant review and growth strategy

We’d love to help you become certified

Already have OHSAS 18001?
If you currently hold certification for OHSAS 18001:2007, and comply with BS 18004:2008, please contact us to discuss how we can help you transition to ISO 45001.

ISO 9001 (Quality Management)

There are multiple benefits in achieving this certification;

  • Long-term success through consistency and quality
  • Control processes and procedures for efficiency

  • Implementation of customer control mechanisms

  • Enhanced staff competencies and skills
  • Meeting customer expectations every time

  • Save you money through the identification of defects

ISO 14001 (Environmental Management)

There are multiple benefits in achieving this certification;

  • Demonstrate your green credentials

  • Develop a roadmap towards a cleaner future of sustainability and reduced environmental impact

  • Reducing costs through a consistent approach to energy usage, efficiency and waste management
  • Maintain legislative compliance governing the environmental impact of your business
  • Access to new markets where the tendering process requires ISO 14001
  • Long-term collaboration opportunities through environmental best practices
  • Continuous improvement and measurement framework

ISO 45001 (Health and Safety Management)

There are multiple benefits in achieving this certification;

  • Less downtime and a more productive workforce
  • Helps to identify problem areas, reducing risks
  • Transparent measures making adjustments to Heath and Safety much easier
  • Promoting a constant review and growth strategy

Why choose the BBA?

By combining multiple certifications with us as your sole provider, all of your needs are met with the continuity offered by the single point of contact. This will save time, money and resources, with the ability to achieve multiple certifications in a shorter timer period (in some instances +3 days).

The natural progression here is to initially achieve ISO 9001, which will provide you with the structure to support the addition of ISO 14001 and ISO 45001. As discussed above, using one provider to achieve all three certifications can save days of work.


What are BBA Associate Consultants?

The BBA assists organisations that don’t have the capacity to manage the individual requirements and processes that need to be in place before a certification application begins. This ensures you reach the right criteria to achieve the accreditation or certification you desire.

Where the BBA doesn’t have the expertise internally, we will look to our pool of verified experts (Associate Consultant) that can help our clients.

Each Associate Consultant is part of our BBA Associate Consultant Scheme (ACS) which requires them to meet set criteria before becoming an associate.


Your first step to becoming BBA Certified begins here.