For over 50 years, we’ve been helping the construction and manufacturing industries build confidence in the solutions created, designed and implemented throughout the entire supply chain.

Our clients are proactive innovators who are driven to excel in their field. The BBA supports that drive to transform industry by providing services that are based on credible, quality-driven output; all of which is expected within the industry.  Our ability to be flexible means that our focus remains on delivering the right outcome for the industry as a whole, giving our clients the peace of mind they need to remain compliant.

Mitigating Risk

Identifying risk is an important step. But taking active steps to deal with risk is essential. The BBA’s services go further than ‘test, certify, forget’.

We help organisations secure themselves against the unknown.

Value of product performance

Proving that a product can do what it claims, is fundamental to its integrity in the marketplace; removing the void between ‘you can take my word for it’ and an underperforming product.

The BBA helps to quantify true product value by unlocking opportunity against true product performance.

Support from an impartial organisation

The value of 3rd party testing lies in the reduction of any potential conflicts of interest, obstructing findings and results.

The BBA provides credibility and authenticity associated with your product innovation while remaining reassuringly impartial.

New and current market opportunities

Clients from over 72 countries globally trust the BBA as a critical part of their market penetration strategy to expand and deliver new business growth; whether they plan to sell a product within the UK market, or highlight its applicability in performing a certain function.

The BBA helps clients generate a competitive advantage.

Establishing project suitability

The evolution of the industry landscape expects agility from the products and systems it employs.

BBA certification supports and understands adapting expectation; giving clients an up-to-date, relevant demonstration of suitability.

High standards and quality products

Since the 60s, the BBA has worked with the entire supply chain to understand evolutions of expectation and innovation involved in the development of sustainable build habits.

Continuing to play a key role in shaping building regulations & legislation, clients benefit through the BBA’s stringent focus on high standards rooted firmly in the delivery of quality products & systems.

Help where no standards exist

BBA Clients are innovators. As innovators, they are constantly raising the bar in terms of market expectations, quite often acting ahead of the curve.

BBA Agrément Certificates provide a competitive advantage by setting the standard where no industry or harmonized standards exist.

Reassurance, Trust and Loyalty

The success of new product development depends on the speed of acceptance, trust and loyalty within the market. But markets are not agnostic to the rigor and complexity involved in quality testing methods.

BBA-certified products are synonymous with companies who take quality seriously, enabling clients to gain a head-start.

Competence and accountability

The BBA produces design guidance and installation procedures that provide clarity and set the baseline for competent installations and in-use performance. Our competency schemes ensure that the implementation of certified products is a controlled and validated process.

Market differentiation

Innovations underpinned by recognised accreditations gain a distinctive competitive advantage, setting them ahead of the curve. In a market filled with noise, differentiation relies on tried and tested methods that speak for themselves.

The BBA enables this through validating product performance and compliance in a saturated market where organisations are trying to claim first place in the product race to win.

Compliance to building regulations

To take part, one has to be relevant. BBA’s legacy is firmly rooted in understanding evolving regulation and legislation, removing ambiguity out of the selection process and enabling clients to know and understand a product’s validity for purpose and regulation.

Long-term consistency

The BBA believes that certification is anything but a once-off, solitary activity; it is an ongoing commitment to sustained levels of quality and authenticity.

The BBA’s continuous audit and inspection routines as part of our aftercare services helps clients keep their products and system compliant and relevant, in an evolving industry, giving them the tools they need to deploy a continue business development and market strategy that delivers results in the long-run.

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