We welcome feedback of all kinds. In a continuous effort to improve the way we work and deliver and serve our clients, your feedback helps us to ensure that certification of BBA certified products, systems and installers continues to be justified.

We continually strive to provide the most up-to-date information and reassurance on our certified products, systems and installers in the construction industry and although we do not insure or guarantee BBA certified products, systems or installers, and are not responsible for installations, we are here to help with any queries or matters causing concern that you may have about certified products, systems or installers.


If you have a complaint about a BBA certified product or a BBA approved installer we recommend that you first contact the company that either sold or installed the product. If you do not receive a satisfactory response, as part of our monitoring role, we will assist by taking the matter up directly with the certificate holder or BBA approved installer.

We will investigate product or installer performance and compare this with the published Certificate or Installer Scheme. What we cannot do is resolve individual complaints or provide arbitration.

If your complaint is contractual, the Consumer Rights Act, which came into force in October 2015, states that on the rare occasion when problems arise, disputes can now be sorted more quickly and cheaply via Alternative Dispute Resolution (ADR). Whilst it is not mandatory to use an ADR provider, it is hoped that the offer of using an independent resolution service will result in the speedy settlement of issues.

We will respond to all complaints and queries addressed to us in confidence. If we need extra information we will contact you and we will keep you updated on progress until the conclusion of our investigations.

Anonymous or unsubstantiated complaints will not normally be logged or investigated by the BBA unless there is clear evidence available to justify an investigation or they are about the misuse of a BBA logo.

Feedback, comments, suggestions

For any other comments, feedback and suggestions not related to our use of logo on the complaints procedure noted above, please contact us here.