We believe in working harder to achieve better, by leaving a footprint that is rooted in integrity, quality and responsibility. The BBA helps to maintain the development of quality products and systems that have been designed to improve, enhance and protect;  across industries, and around the world.

If you are planning to bring a new product to market, or set an existing product apart from its competition, you want to ensure that it does what it should while mitigating any chance of failure and risk in the process.

As the UK’s leading construction Certification Body that offers approval, certification and expert test services to manufacturers of products and systems, we are proud to support the continuous development of a diverse range of products that help transform industries and everyday lives.

A BBA Certification can help your clients to understand what your products and/or systems actually offer and what you can expect by way of specification and performance;

Drainage & Plumbing Products & Systems

Making sure that piping and water systems work as they should is integral to an install. This allows installers to fit and forget, with rigorous testing and certification assuring the components within a system provide a degree of reliability, minimising the potential failure of leakage and subsequent damages.

Heating & Ventilation Products & Systems

The reliability of a heating and ventilation system is a necessity in most buildings, from domestic properties to commercial buildings. The impact poor performing products can have on a building can lead to inefficient systems that require maintenance as well as costly repairs.
An efficient and dependable system can improve the energy performance of a building and assist in the ever-important environmental considerations of today’s modern world.


Although most products (especially within the construction industry) needs to perform a functional role, an aesthetically pleasing finish may still be a requirement, as different architectural styles need cerate a certain look, yet still function correctly.
A finish that helps complete an installation can also provide functional value by insulating or protecting against the elements, increasing the lifespan of a building as well as showing a visual improvement, but only if these finishes are fit for purpose.

Masonry Products

Masonry products are used throughout construction, offering numerous benefits such as low maintenance, safety and an economical contribution to a buildings overall cost. There are many other benefits that can contribute to a buildings structural integrity, depending on the requirements legally, aesthetically and structurally and the types of products used.
Reducing noise levels internally, architectural freedom, temperature control as well as fire resistance qualities can all be achieved, with the reliability testing and certification provides, offering peace of mind prior to installation.

Roof & Roofing Products & Systems

There are many different types of roof covering, but at the heart of a good roofing system is the protection against water ingress and other external elements.
Knowing that a roof covering will conform to standard and is reliable has multiple benefits, not just to the buildings lifespan and integrity, but minimises the risk of damage internally and externally as well as reducing the health and safety issues of working at a height as and the costly repairs attributed to most roofing structures.

Window, Door & Opening Products & Systems

Windows and doors are multi-functional within a building envelope offering security and insulation from the external elements as well as transforming a structure into a functional asset. They are also required to do the basics; letting in light and helping with ventilation.
Different buildings require different windows, doors and opening products and systems depending on their primary function. A reliable system can help with productivity, efficiency as well as comfort and safety.

Ceiling Products

Flooring and walls are elements within a building that are easy to focus on, but ceiling products are just as important offering not only an opportunity to create a space where vital equipment can be channeled, but a ceiling can also act as a sound barrier improving the acoustic performance of a building or room.
Reliability of such products is important to reduce disruption to fixes and amends as well as health and safety assurances from areas generating unwanted noise.

Highway Works, Products & Systems

It is easy to forget about the roads we use to travel from A to B and how much we rely on these to perform their function and minimise disruption. Current national as well as local design standards mean that highway works, products and systems are required to conform to these standards.
It is not only the roads that need to meet expectations, but pavements, road lining and markings, traffic signs, lighting as well as forms of traffic control are all fundamental parts within a wider network of products and systems that play their own part in keeping people moving.

Concrete & Plaster Products

Without a reliable product as the basis for your construction, anything that is subsequently installed will not be as good as it intends to be.
With other types of products and systems within the concrete and plaster category offering decorative finishes without the need of any additional covering, it is important that any installation gives the desired affect required without a loss of performance.

Building System & Kits

The efficiencies that prefabricated modular systems or a combination of components pre-installed before reaching their desired location can provide to a build or renovation are clear and can offer a continuity that on-site installs may not provide.
The reliability of these components working together in a prefabricated solution has as much to do with their offsite production as it does with the install itself. Understanding that they will work as expected is fundamental to this process.

Floor Products

The variety of floorings and floor coverings means that there is no shortage of choice. From wood and natural stone to the more engineered vinyl and carpets, depending on your requirements will have a huge influence on what type of flooring you need.
Floors can be aesthetically pleasing if the right type is chosen, but it is the functionality of a floor product that can determine both the efficiency of a business as well as the comfort of its inhabitants. Understanding the various floor products capabilities will inevitably make this choice easier.

Wall & Cladding Products & Systems

Internal and external walls and cladding play a pivotal role in a buildings look, finish and above all, longevity. Understanding how each type functions and the benefits they provide will dictate the best product or system.
Walls can provide protection from the external elements such as wind and rain as well as offering internal design solutions that are also functional – improving a buildings insulation or reducing noise levels for example.
The reliability of these products and systems to perform as stated offer capabilities to improve a buildings short and long term lifespan.

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