Bringing new innovations to market is exciting but; having the reassurance that your product is of a high quality, performs as is expected, and is measured against safety standards and regulations is vital to seeing it succeed.

Working in collaboration with you, our Test Services provide the perfect foundation to test your product and system capabilities; helping you deliver actionable results – we are more than just a testing facility.

We use state-of-the-art equipment to test product durability, making sure they each conform to the highest standards.

When undertaking structural component or system testing, it is essential that the product(s) performs to the designed specification and desired lifespan.

Nothing works in isolation. We use Weather Resistance and Wind Testing analyses to understand the performance of a product against variable weather conditions.

Testing products for Security and Manipulation identifies product resistance to attacks and resilience over time.

Product, material, and system conformity is crucial in the modern construction landscape. Ensuring your product is fit for purpose is fundamental to its design and function.

Did you know Thermal Performance testing helps establish a product’s energy performance and efficiency?

Early detection of product failures can be the difference between a project’s success or failure.

Our highly skilled Test Team is available to discuss the options and assist in the creation of a tailored test programme that will meet all requirements.

The BBA works under a framework provided by the UK’s national accreditation body, UKAS.

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The BBA’s Test facilities allow us to provide a comprehensive range of services covering a wide variety of products from; insulation materials and systems to windows and doors, sealants and adhesives, flooring materials and structural components.

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Why collaborate with the BBA?

Over 50 years’ experience in product and systems certification and testing

Provide informed, data-led insights that help you make product and systems decisions that build product credibility and trust.

Frequently asked questions:

  • To conform with government or industry guidelines or regulations
  • Enhance your products marketing capabilities
  • To provide reassurance to your own clients, manufactures and suppliers, that the product is fit-for-purpose

As a manufacturer and supplier, it’s important to ensure your product is fit-for-purpose, is of the highest possible quality, and rigorously critiqued against safety and standards – this reduces the risk of projects failing, as product flaws and weaknesses are caught during the testing process.

It’s simple – contact the BBA and we’ll guide you through it. Our highly skilled test team will be able to answer any questions you may have right throughout the testing process – before, during and after.

“The service we are receiving from the test department is really good. Paul has been amazing and really helpful”

– Efosa, Sundolitt – United Kingdom


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