Early detection of product failures, weaknesses and flaws in your product’s design, helps to mitigate any potential risks, increasing the reliability and safety of the product throughout its lifecycle.  Working in collaboration with your organisation, our Test Services provide the perfect foundation to test your product and system capabilities; helping you deliver actionable results.

Durability testing aims to support the development of your product through a variety of practices, testing the products;

  • Quality
  • Robustness
  • Environmental exposure & efforts
  • Structural test
  • Resistance to damage

Our expert technicians use state-of-the-art equipment to test product’s durability, making sure they conform to the highest standards within your industry.

Tests are undertaken before and after the ageing processes, to assess whether a discrete component or a system remains functional without requiring repairs or replacement.

The BBA’s Test facilities allow us to provide a comprehensive range of services covering a wide variety of products from; insulation materials and systems to windows and doors, sealants and adhesives, flooring materials and structural components.

What tests do we offer?

  • Solar panel systems
  • Wind uplift: MCS 012:2016; BS EN 14437:2004
  • Weathertightness: MCS 012:2016
  • Watertightness: BS EN 1928:2000
  • Water pressure: Network Rail NR/L3/CIV/041: Issue 3
  • Water penetration: HAPAS Guidelines 2012
  • Water vapour transmission: BS EN 1931:2000
  • Waterproofing systems for Bridge Decks
  • Chloride ion penetration, Freeze/Thaw, Crack cycling,
  • Ageing, Exposure to fuel oil/bitumen: Network Rail NR/L3/
  • CIV/041
  • Ultra violet light: BS EN ISO 16474:2013
  • Water resistance on cavity walls: Internal BBA water resistance testing scheme
  • Hygrothermal behaviour in External Wall Insulation systems:
  • ETAG 004:2013
  • Environmental chamber, BBA test experts apply heat/rain and heat/cold cycling procedures to test insulation materials
  • Wind resistance: BS EN 12211:2016
  • Thermal cycling: BS 8529:2010
  • Mechanical wear (endurance tests): PAS 24:2016
  • Corrosion tests: BS EN ISO 9227:2012 (salt spraying)
  • Colour assessments: BS EN 3900
  • Deconstruction and visual inspections

Want to find out more?

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“The service we are receiving from the test department is really good. Paul has been amazing and really helpful”

– Efosa, Sundolitt – United Kingdom


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