The High Friction Scheme (HFS) was set up to cater to installers of products and services applicable to BBA HAPAS certification, which specifically looks at Highway Products & Systems.

As with most products, the installation of High Friction Surfacing is important to the performance of the product, and poor installation practice can be safety critical.

To make sure that installations are of the standard required to meet these critical road safety requirements, a condition of the Certification is that systems are installed only by BBA approved installers.

In addition to the above, BBA inspectors carry out on-site inspections on roads and carriageways, checking that the products and systems utilised are correctly installed to the manufacturers guidelines. These inspections are required by Highways England.

The HFS assessment and Certification procedure shall be undertaken in six stages, as follows:

  • Assessment of applicant’s data

  • Assessment of factory production control

  • Laboratory testing (and optional tests)

  • System installation trial

  • System performance trial (if applicable)

  • Certification


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