What is the Agrément Certificate Scheme?

The Agrément Certificate is a product and system certificate scheme which enables manufacturers of products used in the construction industry to demonstrate a product’s fitness-for-purpose.

Agrément, when literally translated, means ‘approval’.  The BBA’s Agrément methodology involves the detailed assessment of a product or system that establishes in a quantifiable way, the performance of that product or system. The output of that assessment is in the form of the Agrément Certificate, which others in the supply chain use to evolve specifications.

BBA Agrément Certificate is a mark of excellence based on rigorous national and European standards that validate a construction product’s specialist formulation, capability and uniqueness.

Product Performance

Proving that your product can do what it claims, is fundamental to its integrity in the marketplace; removing the void between ‘you can take my word for it’ and an underperforming product. The BBA helps to quantify true product value by unlocking opportunity against true product performance.

Mitigating Risk

Identifying risk is an important step. But taking active steps to deal with risk is essential. The BBA’s services go further than ‘test, certify, forget’. We help organisations secure themselves against the unknown.

New market opportunities

Clients from over 72 countries globally trust the BBA as a critical part of their market penetration strategy to expand and deliver new business growth; whether they plan to sell a product within the UK market, or highlight its applicability in performing a certain function. The BBA helps clients generate a competitive advantage.

“As part of the process of certification, the BBA were particularly thorough in the testing requirements, which really put our new product through its paces, in ways we had not considered, which provided us further learning, and gave insights into additional application challenges which our team were able to address prior to launch. Having an independent set of eyes look over our product development was an advantage we had not envisaged when we set out seeking the BBA’s approval initially.”

Adam Turk, Chief Executive Officer: Siderise Group


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