BBA In your Home

The BBA has been involved in the production of homes for over 50 years, working together with manufacturers, installers, contractors, specifiers and many others within the Construction supply chain, to create new spaces for us to live and work in. To give you an idea of how the BBA is involved in the Testing of products and systems in the build of your home, we’ve put together an interactive image for you to explore. 

Have you ever considered how changing one component can change the whole building/structure and failing to test against all factors can impact the whole building process from insurance, specification and building – including the sustainability of the building itself?

BBA’s expert Test Services can provide a range of test solutions to meet your needs from understanding the characteristics and behaviour of the different materials and elements used within your product, and how they directly affect the safety and durability of buildings when used as part of a system. For this reason, they undergo specific tests to establish the quality levels and to guarantee their adequacy.