BBA’s Reinforcing Steel Scheme


Steel is fundamental to the entire Construction market. From bridges to buildings, steel reinforcement is found in almost every type of concrete structure. The BBA exists to support the good of the entire construction market, and the BBA’s Reinforcing Steel Scheme has been formed to spread that support even further.

What is it?

What is it?

The BBA’s Reinforcing Steel Scheme provides assurance of consistent compliance with the required Standards.

The Scheme has been designed with engagement from the industry to be straightforward and robust. Building on our 50 years of experience in Agrément Certification, Management Systems Audits & Inspection, and Product Testing, the scheme provides an opportunity for you to have your production of Reinforcing Steel products certified. Through a process of implementation and continual auditing of a formal management system of quality and process control, we work alongside you in offering appropriate product testing at regular intervals against the requirements determined by the appropriate product standard(s).

Who is it for?

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Who is it for?

This scheme is appropriate for use wherever certification in the Reinforcing Steel sector is required. The scheme covers production at steel mills, cold rolling, and processing and is for those who wish to utilise the BBA mark to demonstrate a high-quality consistent product, achieved through verified 3rd party audited process controls and continual benchmarking. 

Why are we doing it?

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Why are we doing it?

A fresh and credible pair of eyes provides reassurance that your Reinforcing Steel products meet the requirements of the evolving market you find yourself in, providing confidence throughout your supply chain of product consistency and technical conformity.  

The BBA is a certification body that is focussed on its customer service and satisfaction. The objective of this scheme is to provide confidence that Reinforcing Steel products manufactured within its scope, continue to meet the appropriate standard(s) as certified. 

Why the BBA?

For years, the BBA has been the market leader in construction product quality and certification. Extending our reach to serve and support the Reinforcing Steel market has been a natural progression. Our existing offer of product certification, production audit and inspection and product testing ensures that the industry remains plugged into a wider support network of technical excellence, insight and expertise in an ever-changing landscape of regulation and legislation.

Over 55 years’ experience in product and systems certification and testing.

UKAS accredited Product Certification Body (No 0113), Testing Laboratory (No 0357), Inspection Body (No 4345) and Management Systems Certification Body (No 0113).

Working collaboratively with our customers and the industry, providing a transparent and robust route to certification.

Supporting innovation and development efforts in over many product sectors within the construction product manufacturing industry, including other reinforcement product solutions.

Steel Reinforcement FAQs

There are 5 main steps to the BBA’s Reinforcing Steel Scheme. They are as follows:

Part 1: Underpinning Scheme Requirements: This part of the process confirms certification of a quality management system that complies with the requirements of BS EN ISO 9001:2015 Quality Management System.

Part 2: Production: This part of the scheme confirms the manufacturing and / or supply of products that conform with:

  • BS 4449:2005 Steel for the reinforcement of concrete — Weldable reinforcing steel — Bar, coil and decoiled product — Specification.
  • BS 6744: 2016 Stainless steel bars. Reinforcement of concrete. Requirements and test methods.

Part 3: Cold Rolling: This part of the scheme confirms the manufacturing and/or supply of products that confirm with BS 4482: 2005 Steel wire for the reinforcement of concrete products. Specification.

Part 4: Fabrication: This part of the scheme confirms the manufacturing and/or supply of products that conform with:

  • BS 8666: 2020 Scheduling, dimensioning, bending and cutting of steel reinforcement for concrete. Specification.
  • BS 8666: 2005 Scheduling, dimensioning, bending and cutting of steel reinforcement for concrete. Specification
  • BS 4483: 1998 Steel fabric for the reinforcement of concrete. Specification.
  • BS 4483: 2005 Steel fabric for the reinforcement of concrete. Specification.
  • BS 7123: 1989 Specification for metal arc welding of steel for concrete reinforcement
  • BS EN ISO 17660-1: 2006 Welding. Welding of reinforcing steel. Load-bearing welded joints
  • BS EN ISO 17660-2: 2006 Welding. Welding of reinforcing steel. Non load-bearing welded joints
  • BS 8597: 2015 Steels for the reinforcement of concrete. Reinforcement couplers. Requirements and test methods.

Part 5: Stocking and Distribution: This part of the scheme confirms the requirements for stocking and distribution of products to BS 4449, BS 4482 and BS 4483

This is not a definitive list of standards covered under the Reinforcing Steel Scheme and may be amended to reflect individual customer requirements.

The BBA is UKAS accredited as a Product Certification Body (No 0113), Testing Laboratory (No 0357) and Inspection Body (No 4345). The BBA is also accredited as a Management Systems Certification Body (No 0113), for Quality Management Systems (ISO 9001), Environmental Management Systems (ISO 14001) and Occupational Health and Safety Management Systems (ISO 45001). These services can be seen as “off-the-shelf” components which do not require any developmental work.

The BBA’s Reinforcing Steel scheme is currently being assessed by UKAS for inclusion in the BBA’s accreditation schedule.

The BBA’s Audit & Inspection team is the on-site BBA presence that supports a variety of construction product and installer approvals issued by us, which range from the industry-respected Agrément Certificate that sets high product standards within the sector, to Competence Person Schemes (CPS), HAPAS, PAS2030 and more.

In addition the BBA supports associations and manufacturers in carrying out audits/inspections, providing added assurance around the manufacturing and installation of those products. The Audit & Inspection team also provides ISO management system certification (9001, 14001, 45001) with supporting audits, to help companies be more efficient, environmentally effective and safe. Audits are carried out all over the world in manufacturing plants, while management system inspections are mainly conducted within the UK.

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