Energy Performance Testing

The thermal performance of construction products plays an increasingly significant part in the decision-making process. Our heat flow meters are used to make thermal measurements on a wide range of construction products, from insulation materials to door panels to plasters and renders. For reflective products, emissivity can be measured too.

The durability of thermal performance is crucial to lifetime energy assessments and our laboratory can subject specimens to a number of different regimes to allow prediction of changing effectiveness. Other factors affecting thermal properties, such as moisture absorption, can also be investigated and measurements made on specimens at a variety of moisture contents.

Tests we do for Energy Performance testing:

  • Thermal conductivity; ASTM C518 (Insulation); BS EN 12393 (Insulation); BS EN 12664 with mats (Block); BS EN 12667 Standard specimen (Insulation); BS EN 12664 with mats (Mortar); BS EN 675 (Insulation)
  • Emissivity; In-house method on HFM